20+ Best Modern Sans Serif Fonts (Free & Pro) 2023

sans-serif font is the best choice for crafting typography. They add a certain bold and elegant look that can’t be achieved with any other type of font.

We found several different styles of modern sans-serif fonts for this list, including rounded fonts, geometric fonts, thin fonts, and more. The good news is you can download them all for a single price by subscribing to Envato Elements.

Check out all the fonts below. And if you’re low on budget, we included a few free modern fonts just for you.

Future Concept - Modern Sans Serif Font

If you’re looking for a cool modern font to design a logo or a big attractive title, this font is perfect for the job. It features a unique character design with stylish decorative elements. The font also has lots of alternate characters and ligatures to help you craft one-of-a-kind typography designs.

Karung - Modern Sans Serif Font

The tall and narrow letter design certainly gives a unique identity to this modern sans-serif font. It features bold characters that will make your titles and headings easy to read and clearly visible even from a distance. Which makes it perfect for posters, banners, and even billboards. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Peosa - Thin Sans Serif Fonts

Peosa is one of the most elegant fonts on our list. It has a set of thin sans-serif characters that will add a classy and high-end look to your typography designs. It’s ideal for crafting logos for fashion and luxury brands. The font includes OpenType features such as alternate characters and ligatures too.

Profont - Bold Sans Serif Fonts

This bold sans-serif font comes with a clean and modern look that fits perfectly with all kinds of big title designs. You can use it to design signage, billboards, poster titles, and website headers. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with multilingual support.

Wandorf - Rounded Sans Serif Font

Wandorf is an elegant sans-serif font that features a set of beautifully rounded letters. This font has a mixed modern and retro feel that will give a unique look to your title and heading designs. The font only includes all-caps letters.

Le Porsche - Free Modern Sans Serif Font

You can download this modern and stylish font for free. It features a bold and stylish letter design with cool decorative elements. It’s perfect for magazine covers, business cards, and posters. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Hundred Ligatture - Free Sans Serif Font

Just as the name describes, this is a sans-serif ligature font featuring more than 300 ligatures you can use to craft unique logos, badges, and cool typography designs. This font is also free for personal use.

Lekase - Modern & Bold Sans Serif Font

Lekase is a stylishly modern font with a geometric letter design. This font has big bold characters that make it a great choice for crafting titles and headings. It’s also great for advertisements, website headers, logos, and branding. The font lets you experiment with lots of ligatures and alternates as well.

Wayxon - Modern Semi-Serif Font

This is one of the most unique fonts on our list. While it’s technically not a sans-serif font, it’s not exactly a serif font either. The designer describes it as a semi-serif font that has a very elegant look and feel. We love the unique approach used for this font and it will definitely make your designs stand out from the crowd.

Ginerin – Modern Sans Serif Font

If you want to design clean, clear, and bold titles for your designs, Ginerin is a good choice for your project. It features a set of modern sans-serif characters that have slightly rounded edges. It’s simple yet beautiful. And it’s ideal for a wide variety of graphic, web, and print designs.

Valkrye - Modern Condensed Font

Valkrye is a modern condensed sans-serif font that comes with a unique letter design. It has a set of all-caps letters that have their own personality. The font also features a futuristic vibe that will fit in nicely with movie posters, website headers, and business cards.

Aveden - Modern Sans Serif Logo Font

This font has a logotype written all over it. The bold and modern character design and the clean-cut sharp edges of the letters make it a perfect choice for logotypes as well as bold titles and headings for various print and digital designs. The font has all-caps letters.

Partita - Free Modern Sans Serif Font

Partita is a trendy and modern sans-serif font with a fun letter design. It features a quirky identity of its own that will certainly transfer over to your own typography designs. Your posters, flyers, and website headers will look much cooler with this font. It’s free for personal use.

Avineo - Free Modern Sans Font

This free font comes with a bold and modern letter design with unique decorative elements. It has thick chunky letters you can use to design big titles for billboards, banners, magazine covers, and more. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Glancyr - Modern Geometric Font

Glancyr is a variable font with a modern geometric letter design. This font is the perfect choice for crafting typography with clean and precise designs. You can use it for brand identity designs, packaging designs, posters, websites, and everything in between. The font includes 7 weights ranging from bold to thin as well.

Helotypo - Clean Modern Font

Helotypo is a modern sans-serif font featuring a clean letter design. This font features a simple look but it will go along with almost any type of design you’re working on. It comes with lots of ligatures and glyphs that can be used to craft cool logos and typography designs.

Monoron - Bold Rounded Sans SerifFont

This font features a unique modern-retro design with bold rounded letters. If you’re looking for something different to give a trendy look to your typography, Monoron is worth checking out. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase characters with multilingual support.

Evalter - Modern Sans-Serif Font

At first glance, this font will remind you of a flyer design for a DJ party or a club event. It has that stylish and sharp letter design used in modern flyer and poster designs. You can use this font to design titles for cool posters as well as craft CD covers, website headers, and more. It includes a set of all-caps letters.

Starmagic - Modern Condensed Sans Serif

Starmagic is a beautiful sans-serif font with a tall and condensed letter design. This font will make your product labels, badges, and branding designs look extra stylish. And it’s especially suitable for fashion and lifestyle-themed designs.

Getboreg - Free Sans Serif Font

A bold and modern font with an elegant letter design. The sans-serif letters in this font use a clean style that will make your typography look much more attractive. The font is ideal for designs related to technology and advertising. It’s free for personal use.

Saira - Free Bold Sans Serif Font Family

Saira is a family of sans-serif fonts you can download for free. It includes 9 different font weights with chunky letters. It’s perfect for designing big bold titles for everything from websites to custom T-shirts, posters, and more. The entire font family is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Kapiler - Modern Sans Serif Logo Font

Kapiler is a unique sans-serif font that has a set of cool characters with a futuristic space vibe. The font is ideal for crafting business cards for luxury brands as well as for designing magazine covers, flyers, logos, and more. It only includes a set of uppercase letters.

Ginger - Stylish Elegant Sans Serif Font

The elegant look of this sans-serif font will make your logos and titles look much more stylish and attractive. It’s perfect for all kinds of designs related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle businesses. The font has uppercase and lowercase characters.

Baou - Trendy Sans Serif Modern Font

This font comes with a very uncommon character design that will add a more personalized look to your typography designs. It includes all-caps letters that are best for logos and headings. As a bonus, it comes with 5 pre-made logo templates and a color palette as well.

Camaufalge Modern Minimalist Sans Font

Camaufalge is a unique sans-serif font with a thin minimalist letter design. This font has a stylish aesthetic look that’s unmatched by any other font on our list. Use it to craft beautiful and elegant typography for your modern graphic design projects.

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