20+ Best Shopify Themes With Modern Design 2023

Chario - Modern Responsive Shopify Theme

Chario is a stylishly elegant Shopify theme that comes with a set of beautiful homepage designs. Even though it’s made with furniture stores in mind, you can easily customize the layout to make other stores with this theme.

It includes 5 pre-made homepage designs for you to choose from. Each template has customizable header and footer options as well as Ajax add-to-cart, wishlist functions, and much more.

Veleda - Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Veleda is the perfect Shopify theme for making online stores for fashion shops. It’s especially great for shops selling formal wear but it has a flexible design for making other types of online stores as well.

This theme also comes with 5 homepage layouts with different styles of designs. Each homepage design allows you to showcase your products and services in an attractive way. It also has a mega menu, carousels, grid views, and more.

Yikan - Sports & Shoe Store Shopify Theme

If you’re planning on setting up a store to sell sports and fitness products, this Shopify theme is perfect for you. It’s great for selling shoes and sneakers too.

Yikan is a modern Shopify theme that features 5 pre-made homepage designs. The theme fully supports Oberlo for setting up dropshipping stores as well. It has changeable colors, responsive design, mega menus, and more.

MolteStore - Multi-Store Responsive Shopify Theme

MolteStore is a multipurpose Shopify theme that you can use to build any type of online store you want. It comes with 10 different homepage layouts with modern designs.

Whether you’re making a fashion, accessories, beauty, or lifestyle store, this Shopify theme has a design for all types of modern online stores. The theme is fully optimized for mobile as well.

Escoot - Single Product Shopify Theme

Escoot is a Shopify theme for making single product websites. With this theme, you can setup the perfect landing page to sell single products.

It features a modern homepage design with a responsive design that looks great on all sizes of screens and devices. The theme also includes 5 mega menu styles, Ajax shopping cart, product comparison functions, and lots more to help make your store look more professional.

SuitUP - Fashion Store Free Shopify Theme

This is a free Shopify theme that comes with a premium-quality design. This theme is perfect for setting up a basic website for your online fashion store.

It includes multi-currency support, Google Fonts, and a responsive design. You can download this theme by creating a free account on the website.

Doris - Free Responsive Shopify Template

Doris is a beautiful Shopify theme for making fashion and apparel stores. It has a modern and responsive layout. The theme is also free to download.

It features multiple sections for showing off your products and has filters, editable colors, sidebars, and lots of other useful features.

Nellie - Nail, Hair & Beauty Shop Shopify Theme

Nellie is a Shopify theme made specifically with beauty shops in mind. It has a beautiful homepage design for making a high-quality online store for selling products related to nail, hair, and other cosmetic products.

The theme features many different styles of sections for showcasing your products. It’s responsive and you can customize the layout according to your preference.

Ohey - Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

With 25 different homepage layouts to choose from, this Shopify theme can be used to make any type of online store you can think of.

There are templates in this theme for making jewelry stores, fashion and apparel stores, car parts shops, and much more. Each template features mega menus, Ajax shopping carts, blog layouts, and fully responsive designs.

Exist - Drag & Drop Responsive Shopify Theme

Exist is a great Shopify theme you can use to setup online stores for fashion and apparel shops. It comes with more than 10 homepage layouts for making different styles of fashion stores.

Built with Bootstrap, the theme has responsive designs that look great on mobile platforms. It also includes a mega menu, Google Fonts, customizable colors, and more.

Couturio - Clothing & Fashion Store Shopify Theme

You can make a stylish online store to sell apparel products using this Shopify theme. It has a trendy-looking design that will instantly attract anyone’s attention.

The theme comes with 5 different homepage layouts featuring creative grid layouts and carousels for showcasing your products. It has unlimited color options, a mega menu, Font Awesome icons, Oberlo supports, and more as well.

Petiza - Pets Food Shop Shopify Theme

This is the perfect Shopify theme for making online stores for selling pet food products. It comes with creative homepage layouts for making many different kinds of pet shop websites.

There are 5 unique homepage designs in this theme that you can use to make both shop and single product sites for selling pet food items. Each layout includes live search functions, CSS animations, Google Fonts, and fully responsive designs.

Mixmart - Gift Shop Free Shopify Theme

Mixmart is a free Shopify theme. It has a very simple yet modern-looking design. This theme is made with social media influencers and hobbyists in mind.

You can use this theme to make a shop to sell gift items, hobby items, collectibles, hand-crafted products, and more.

Envy - Minimal Free Shopify Theme

If you’re looking for a Shopify theme with a minimal design, this theme is perfect for you. It comes with a classic design with multiple sections featuring grid layouts.

This theme is especially ideal for selling fashion and apparel products. You can download the theme for free as well.

Volga - MegaShop Technology Store Shopify Theme

Volga is a Shopify theme made specifically for setting up online retail stores. It has a flexible design with lots of space to show off all your products in multiple categories.

The theme includes 9 different homepage templates with various content layout designs. You can use them to make all kinds of shops from tech gadget stores to food and grocery shops and more.

Packza - Lifestyle Online Store Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme has the ideal design for making online stores for selling lifestyle products. It’s especially great for products like handbags, backpacks, watches, and other lifestyle accessories.

There are 5 pre-made templates in this theme with fully customizable layouts. You can rearrange the content blocks, edit colors, change fonts, and personalize the design according to your needs.

Lammer - Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme

Lammer Shopify theme comes with 4 beautiful homepage layouts to help you make the perfect online store to sell your beauty and cosmetic products.

This theme is perfect for Instagram influencers and brands for selling their products online. It features 6 different collection sections with 8 product details layouts for easily customizing the design however you like.

Tradmart - MultiPurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Tradmart is a multipurpose Shopify theme that you can use to make many different types of online retail shops. The theme has an Amazon-like homepage design that’s ideal for setting up stores that sell products in different categories.

You can customize this theme using drag and drop editing features. It includes unlimited color options, Font Awesome icons, and a mega menu as well.

Nagai - Luxury Jewelry Store Shopify Theme

Another great Shopify theme for making online stores for luxury products and jewelry. This theme features an elegant design that will allow you to design a modern store for high-end brands.

In addition to its flexible homepage layout, it comes with a beautiful shop layout where you can show off all your products in one place. The theme also includes 5 different mega menus.

Virtux - Single Product Tech Store Shopify Theme

If you want to setup a shop to sell a tech product or gadget, this Shopify theme is the perfect choice for your website.

This theme features a stylish and modern design with multiple sections for showcasing all your product variants and features in one place. It has wishlist functions, Ajax shopping cart, and multi-currency support as well.

Twices - Free Multipurpose Section Shopify theme

Twices is a modern Shopify theme with a creative homepage design. This theme has multiple sections to showcase your products in a professional way.

The theme uses the Bootstrap framework to offer a flexible and responsive design for your shop. It is also free to download and use for your personal projects.

Constance - Beauty & Skincare Free Shopify Theme

This beautiful Shopify theme is also free to download. It comes with all the necessary sections and features for you to setup a professional-looking shop on Shopify.

The theme has a responsive design with filters, a wishlist function, product comparison, and many other features as well.

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