35+ Best Sketch Website Templates 2023

This is a complete website template kit for Sketch that features 6 different page designs. You can use it to design a website for an online job board or marketplace. The templates feature responsive layouts with fully editable elements. You can edit them in both Sketch and Figma.

Wireframe Website Templates for Sketch

Design any website you want with this dark and minimal Sketch website wireframe kit. It features a collection of 100 layouts in 13 different categories. You will never run out of inspiration for crafting different styles of websites with this template kit.

Food Restaurant Landing Page Sketch Template

Create an attractive landing page for a food restaurant with this simple Sketch landing page template. It features a one-page design with multiple sections for promoting the restaurant facilities and food items more effectively. The template comes in Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD file formats.

Cakap - Course Landing Page UI Kit for Sketch

You can design a landing page for an online course or training program using this UI kit for Sketch. It’s a bundle that includes a complete landing page design where you can promote your courses and features in a creative way. The template features all vector-based elements with customizable components.

Charity Website Free Sketch Template

This is a simple free website homepage design you can use to experiment with new website layouts. It’s designed with charity organizations in mind and has a very minimal and calm layout.

Responsive Website Template for Sketch

Whether you’re making a website for a small business or a startup, this modern website template will help you design a fully responsive and stylish website with ease. In addition to the homepage design, it also includes 6 inner-page design templates for both desktop and mobile. All templates can be easily customized with Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma.

Yosemite - Business Website Template for Sketch

Design a website for a business or a SaaS app using this elegant Sketch website template. It features a clean and elegant design that will give a more professional look to your website. The template features a complete website design with all customizable elements and 8 Artboards covering different parts of the site layout.

Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template

You can design a stylish personal portfolio website using this amazing Sketch website template. It comes with a modern and clean layout. Along with all the necessary sections for highlighting your skills, services, testimonials, and a portfolio gallery. The template is available in Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD formats.

Mobile App Landing Page Template

Every app needs a landing page to promote its features and attract new users. With this Sketch template, you can design a more effective landing page for a mobile app. The template includes many useful sections for showcasing everything from your app screenshots to pricing plans and more. It’s available in multiple file formats as well.

SAAS - Landing Page Template for Sketch

Use this modern landing page template to design an attractive website for your SaaS business. It will allow you to effectively detail all the information about your software, section by section. The template also features a sleek pricing table and a testimonials section. You can edit it using Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

Protips - Free Sketch Landing Page Template

This is a free website template for Sketch you can use to design a simple and modern website for a small business. Even though it’s a freebie, the template features a premium design and comes with a complete layout for crafting a professional website.

Mi Furniture - Free Sketch Website Template

Struggling to find inspiration to design your furniture website? Then use this free template to draft a complete website layout without an effort. This free Sketch template comes with 7 Artboards with all the elements for making a furniture store website.

Orebi - Minimal eCommerce Website Sketch Template

You can use this Sketch template to design a modern eCommerce website or a shop for branded products. It’s especially suitable for furniture and luxury product stores. It includes 13-page layouts that can be easily customized to your preference.

Sketch Website Template

Whether you are launching a high-end hair spa or plain old barbershop, this website template will help you advertise your business in the best light possible, and attract customers. It’s a powerhouse of intuitive features, providing you with endless possibilities.

eCommerce Marketplace Sketch Template

Looking for inspiration to design a minimal online store? Then use this Sketch template to get a head start. This template features a modern and minimalist online marketplace design. It’s suitable for many different types of marketplace layouts.

CX Consultant Landing Page Sketch Template

This landing page template is perfect for designing websites for both agencies and consultants. The template features multiple sections and lots of components that you can easily edit and customize using Sketch and Figma.

Hi - Creative Website Template (PSD + Sketch)

This stylish website template is made specifically for creative agencies. It includes a complete homepage design featuring a modern look and feel. The design uses the Bootstrap grid layout with free Google Fonts. The template also comes fully layered to make it much easier for you to edit and customize.

Glare - Multipurpose One-Page Website Template

If you prefer a website design with an ultra-minimalist look, this template is for you. It features a clean, simple, and minimalist design. There are no images with bright colors. Only creative illustrations. The design uses white space to its advantage to format its content in an effective way to improve the user experience. It’s perfect for a modern company or brand website.

Planeta - Minimal Website Template for Sketch

Another minimal website template made with modern brands in mind. This template features not just one, not two, but 5 different homepage designs. You’ll be able to choose a design that fits your brand and customize it however you like using its 15 content blocks. The templates are most suitable for tech startups and agencies.

Intro - Creative Landing Page Template (PSD + Sketch)

Looking for inspiration to design a bold website for an agency? Then this template will help you get the job done. It features a very visual-centric design that uses lots of images to make the design more attractive. The template uses the Bootstrap grid layout and you can customize it using both Photoshop and Sketch.

Digital Agency Landing Page Template

A modern take on digital agency website designs. This template features a clean and simple design with all the right elements you’ll need to promote a digital agency. It includes a section for showcasing clients, projects, services, and more. You can easily customize the design using Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD as well.

Futura - Creative Website UI Kit (Sketch & PSD)

Futura is a website UI kit. This kit comes with all the elements you need to create a complete website. It includes a scalable vector icons pack and uses free Google Fonts. This templates pack is designed for making websites for agencies. It features a homepage with multiple sections for describing your services and showing off your portfolio.

Beauty Landing Page Template

If you need a landing page to promote your skincare appliances, or beauty products, this Sketch template is well worth checking out. It’s especially designed keeping in mind the requirements of the beauty industry, and can be completely customized to suit your own branding.

Sketch Website Template

Check out Poto, a minimal and professional personal website template that you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up if you are wanting to create a converting portfolio. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or developer, this template will come in very handy.

MI Creative Agency - Free Sketch Website Template

It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous and highly detailed website template is free to download. It features a complete website layout you can use to design a website for a creative or a digital agency website. In addition to the homepage, it also includes templates for inner-page designs as well.

WMWII - Free Digital Agency Website Template

This free website template for Sketch features a bold and radical look. It’s perfect for making a website for a modern marketing agency or a creative agency. The template is easily customizable and you can use it for your personal projects.

Web Studio Sketch Website Template

This gorgeous-looking website design is one of the most unique website templates we’ve seen in a while. The best part is you can use it to make a website of your own. The template features a colorful and creative design unlike any other. It’s easily customizable so you can change its colors and illustrations to match your brand as well.

Sketch Website Template

Finding a rented place in today’s day and age is nothing less than a struggle. It’s not just a time-consuming task but the whole process might also get overwhelming for many. If you are wanting to launch a website that helps people find the best rental properties in town, this UI Kit can be of great help.

Sketch Website Template

Here we have Treva, a landing page template that is suitable for recruitment agencies or any other company looking to rope in fresh candidates to fulfill specific job roles. The template is available for free, so get your hands on it right now.

Landing Page UI Kit for Sketch

This is a two-in-one landing page website template that includes designs for both mobile app and SaaS landing pages. It features a stylish design that captures the essence of a landing page and provides a smooth user experience. The template uses the Bootstrap grid layout and it’s easily customizable with Sketch as well.

Orion - Website UI Kit for Sketch

This is a complete website UI design kit. It features 5 different landing page templates covering 11 different categories and 32 different screens. The templates are available in Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma. This bundle is perfect for making websites for agencies, startups, and small businesses.

Digital Agency Website Template for Sketch

If you’re looking for inspiration to create a unique and modern website for a digital agency, this template will come in handy. It features a stylish design made with the Bootstrap grid layouts and it consists of 12 Artboards. The template is also available in 8 different file formats including Sketch, Figma, InVision, and more. This template supports WordPress and Drupal as well.

Lisk - eCommerce Website Sketch Template

Lisk is a complete eCommerce website template for Sketch. Even though the template is designed with a focus on furniture stores, you can use it to make other types of online store websites as well. It includes 6 homepage designs and 61 different inner-page screens. The templates are compatible with Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, and more.

Free Minimalist Landing Page Sketch Template

A minimalist landing page template you can use to design a simple website for a product or a brand. This template is also free to download and use with your personal projects.

Institute - Free One Page Sketch Website Template

With this detailed and professional website template, you can make a complete one-page website for a school or an educational establishment. The template is free to download. You can also customize it however you like using Sketch.

For more amazing Sketch templates, check out our collection of the website wireframe templates and best Sketch iOS app templates.

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