25+ Best Love & Romantic Fonts

Lover - Romantic Script Font

The beautifully flowing letter design of this script font gives it a very modern and romantic look and feel that’s unmatched by any other font on our list. This unique look makes it perfect for any type of design from wedding invitations to greeting cards, social media posts, and even packaging designs.

Hopeless - Romantic Calligraphy Font

If you want to add a bit of elegance to your romantic designs, this font is the perfect choice for your project. It comes with a calligraphy letter design with beautiful curves and a stylish handwritten look. You can use it for various types of designs to add lovely typography.

Lovely Couple - Romantic Script Font

This font is ideal for crafting more love and romantic-themed designs as it comes with lots of creative OpenType features, including alternate characters with cute heart shapes. It will make your wedding invitations, Valentine’s Day cards, album covers, and other designs look even more personal.

Lovelygirly - Romantic Calligraphy Font

If you want to design typography with a feminine look and feel, this font is the right choice for your project. It features a calligraphy-style letter design with a modern feel. The font also has many unique swashes, including heart-shaped swashes, to help add a creative touch to your designs.

Valentijn - Modern Love Font

Valentijn is another stylish love font that comes with a very modern look. It is a royal script font that shows class and elegance through its unique letter design. The font has a set of creative alternates with swashes and swirls. It also includes both uppercase and lowercase characters.

Distrela - Free Romantic Serif Font

Distrela is a creative serif font that features many decorative elements with a romantic theme. This font is ideal for designing big bold titles for your designs. You can use it for free with personal and commercial projects.

Loffers Script - Free Script Font

This font comes with a trendy script lettering design with a romantic look and feel. It’s ideal for greeting cards and social media designs. It’s free to use with commercial projects.

Romantic - Elegant Serif Font

Just as the name suggests, this font is all about creating romantic typography with an elegant look and feel. Since it’s a serif font, you can use this font to craft beautiful product labels for luxury and high-end products such as perfume. It only includes a set of all-caps letters.

Romantical Bohelian - Lovely Script Font

The curvy letter design of this script font is what gives it a unique identity. This font is ideal for designing all sorts of romantic designs, including wedding invitations, social media posts, and even book covers for novels. It comes in both regular and italic versions as well.

Heartline - Calligraphy Love Font

At first glance, you can see how perfect this font would be for a lovely and romantic title design. It has the ideal set of love-themed letter designs with its calligraphy style. The font has uppercase and lowercase letters with plenty of alternates and ligatures for you to experiment with.

Love Letters - Cute Romantic Script Font

If you’re looking for a cute and simple font for your romantic design project, be sure to give this font a try. It features minimalist script letters that are most suitable for making greeting cards, packaging designs, and even postcards with a personal touch. The font comes in SVG format too.

Romantic Heart - Romantic I Love You Font

Another cute font with a set of lovely letters that are perfect for saying those magical words to your special someone. This font has a very romantic feel that will make your greeting cards look even more memorable. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters with swirly designs.

Rallisha - Free Calligraphy Love Font

Rallisha is another free love font that comes with a different style of letter design. It has calligraphy-style letters with a bold and beautiful look. Feel free to use it with your personal projects.

Romantically - Free Romantic Font

A romantic signature-style cursive font for designing bold titles and headings. This font is great for adding a romantic look to your professional designs. It’s free for personal use.

Maylena - Modern Romantic Script Font

It’s beautiful, elegant, stylish, and trendy. All the right characteristics of a modern romantic font. This font has a very casual letter design that’s suitable for almost any type of design. Including product packaging designs, branding designs, and social media posts.

Lovely Romantic - Cute Love Display Font

This font comes with a set of fun and creative letters with a lovely theme to help you design romantic typography in a playful way. It has all-caps characters with unique decorative elements. There are also a few ligatures for you to use in your designs.

Romantic - Modern Sans Serif Love Font

Sometimes, a clean and minimal font is the right choice for a romantic design. This font comes with such a letter design for crafting modern and beautiful typography. It features a classy look with a subtle feminine touch that will look perfect in magazine and branding designs.

Bad Luck - Love Tattoo Font

Working on a tattoo or a tattoo-style romantic design? Then this love tattoo font will help you design more romantic-looking typography for your project. It features a unique letter design inspired by classic tattoo lettering.

Pinky Valentine - Romantic Font

Pinky Valentine is a bright and bold romantic font that features a set of fun and casual letters. This font will add a more playful look to your designs as well. It’s ideal for crafting titles for greeting cards, posters, flyers, social media posts, and much more.

Romatrix - Romantic Cursive Font

Romantic cursive fonts are a great choice for making more professional-looking typography. If you want to design a bold logo or label with a romantic feel, this is the font for your design. This particular font has a very unique handwritten style as well.

Romantic Sky - Free Love Font

This font will help you design lovely typography for your modern and creative projects. It’s especially suitable for social media posts and custom T-shirts. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Free Romantic Script Calligraphy Font

Download this romantic font for free to craft elegant titles for your Valentine’s Day cards. It includes a stylish brush handwritten letter design. And it’s free for personal use.

Romantics - Cute & Romantic Script Font

This font can be used to design very cute-looking titles for greeting cards, T-shirts, and even logos. It has lovely script letters with a smooth flowing design. The font comes with lots of unique ligatures, glyphs, and alternates too.

Love Story - Romantic Handwriting Font

You can use this love font to make your titles look more romantic. It has a stylish handwriting letter design that adds a personalized look to your designs. The font also has many extras and ligatures.

Lovanica - Quirky Lovely Font

Lovanica is a tall and bold font you can use to craft attractive titles for your lovely designs. It features a set of all-caps letters featuring casual designs that will fit nicely with all kinds of designs from greeting cards to book covers, mug prints, T-shirts, and more.

Venettica Signature - Romantic Script Font

This font will help you craft both romantic and elegant typography for your designs. The font features a romantic feel with a luxury vibe. It’s great for business cards, product labels, and branding designs.

Love Mint - Cute Romantic Font

Love Mint is a beautifully cute font that has a set of lovely characters. Each letter has a fun design that will help add a certain personality to your titles and headings. It’s ideal for social media posts, greeting cards, logos, and more.

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