35+ Best Geometric Fonts 2023 (Free & Premium)

Furiosa - Geometric Brush Font

Furiosa is a modern geometric brush font that features a unique design with a paintbrush effect. This font will make your titles look much more attractive, especially for posters, T-shirts, and even website headers. It comes with 300 glyphs as well.

Oasis - Bold Geometric Font

Oasis is another stylish geometric font with a futuristic letter design. This font features letters made up of multiple lines. It’s ideal for logo and label designs as well as for magazine covers, social media posts, and so much more.

Fox - Geometric Logo Font

At first glance, you can see the incredible detailing of each letter of this font. It includes a set of all-caps letters with unique geometric designs. The font is most suitable for logo and branding designs.

Gale - Feminine Geometric Font

The beautiful modern letters crafted with geometric designs give this font a very stylish look and feel. It’s the perfect font you can use to craft logos, labels, and typography for feminine designs. The font includes 4 different weights and italics.

Quanty - Free Modern Geometric Font

This free font features a sleek and modern letter design that will fit in perfectly with all kinds of professional and business designs. It has clean-cut letters with geometric designs. And it’s free for personal use.

Nineland - Modern Geometric Serif Font

Nineland is another great geometric font you can use to craft minimalist typography designs. It features a set of serif characters with a unique style of curved letters. This font is ideal for logos, labels, and branding for lifestyle and fashion brands.

Architect - Minimal Geometrical Typeface

This font has a thin and minimal letter design that will fit in nicely with your modern and contemporary design projects. The font includes all-caps letters with simple strokes. Use it to design bold typography for your design projects.

Kedal - Creative Geometric Font

Kedal is a creative font that also features a set of geometric characters. This font has a simple design that will match almost any type of project you have, including creative posters, logos, signage, social media posts, and more.

Magnify Pro - Geometric Font Family

Magnify Pro is a family of geometric fonts that includes two styles of typefaces in one. Alongside a normal font there’s also an alternate set of letters with an inverse contrast effect. It’s perfect for unique and trendy typography designs.

Anson - Free Bold Geometric Font

This free font comes with a set of bold geometric characters. The letters have a unique style of design that will make your titles and headings look much more attractive. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Geometric font

Lion Card is a handmade geometric font guaranteed to grab eyeballs. It has an incredibly unique design that can be perfect for a range of creative branding and packaging projects. This colorful, and fun typeface comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Geometric font

Moon Impact is a bold geometric font fitting to a pool of projects that involve creating logos, headlines, titles, and posters. It’s a sleek typeface with a rounded appearance, and you’ll surely have a great time working with it. Grab it now!

Geometric font

Taking inspiration from the 1920’s Art Deco Movement, the creators of Decora have done an outstanding job designing a font that oozes luxury, and modern-day charm, whilst still upholding its vintage roots. It’s a gold standard when it comes to the best geometric fonts available on the market today.

Lufga - Modern Geometric Font Family

Lufga is one of the most unique fonts you’ll ever find. Each character of this font is crafted to perfection with a geometric design. It’s an entire family of fonts featuring 18 different variations ranging from thin to black weights as well as italics.

Abro Sans - Geometric Sans Serif Font

Abro is a geometric font featuring an elegant design. It comes with a set of beautifully crafted characters featuring 3 different font weights. The font also includes more than 300 glyphs. And it’s perfect for all kinds of luxury, lifestyle, and classy designs.

Ageo - Elegant Geometric Sans Font

The clean-cut design of this sans-serif font is one of the features that sets it apart from the rest. Ageo is a geometric font you can use with various design projects. It’s especially suitable for designing website headers, logos, business cards, and poster titles.

George Sans - Professional Geometric Font

Whether you’re designing a website header, social media post, or a poster, this geometric font will help add an elegant look to your creation. The clean-cut look of the letters makes it one of the most professional-looking fonts on our list. It comes with 8 different font weights and multilingual support.

Konnect - Geometric Font Family

Konnect is a unique geometric font that finds inspiration from multiple generations of designs. It has a modern letter style inspired by a mix of classical and modern designs. It lets you choose from 18 different font weights that include lots of swashes and alternate characters.

Fonseca - Geometric Art-Deco Font Family

This modern geometric font finds its inspiration from art-deco style designs. It’s a complete font family that features 8 weights, alternate characters, and over 300 glyphs. It will fit in great with luxury and high-end brand designs.

Geometric font

Modernia is a free geometric font with a bold and powerful design. The typeface can be used for a range of creative and professional applications and comes packed with uppercase characters, numerals, and seamless multilingual support.

Geometric font

Beepo is a quirky sans-serif font with a geometric design that stands out from the crowd. It offers a modern aesthetic, 6 weight variations, and a range of other amazing features that are rare to find in a freebie. It’s a feature-rich resource that you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up.

Fractul - Geometric Sans Font Family

At first glance, this font looks a bit uncommon and weird. It has a unique style of letters that makes it look almost like pixelated letters. However, the font will go along great with your technology-themed designs. It’s a complete family of 36 fonts featuring 6 different sets of stylistic alternates.

Spotnik - Free Geometric Font

Spotnik is a free geometric font that comes with a futuristic and modern letter design. It has a very clean letter design that can add an elegant look to your creative designs. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Adca - Free Bold Geometric Font

This free geometric font is just as good as a premium font. It not only features a modern geometric design, but it lets you use the font with both personal and commercial projects for free of charge.

Morro - Creative Geometric Figures Font

Morro is the perfect candidate for describing the true meaning of geometric font design. This font has a set of letters entirely made up of geometric shapes and figures. You can craft amazing logos and poster titles with this font. It’s available in regular, shadow, and outline versions.

VISIA Duo - Natural & Outline Geometric Fonts

This pair of modern fonts are also crafted with a geometric design. The font comes in both regular and an online version. Each featuring 4 different weights, which makes it a total of 8 fonts. Put your creativity to work and use this font to craft beautiful modern designs.

GEOMETRICITY - Geometric Color Font

This is a geometric color font designed to add a bright and beautiful look to your various creative designs. The lettering of the font is crafted to match playful and casual designs. It’s worth noting that this is an open-type SVG font. And it’s only compatible with new software and browsers such as Photoshop CC and Microsoft Edge.

RNS Miles - Geometric Sans Font Family

A bold geometric sans-serif font family that comes with a modern letter design. This font is ideal for crafting all kinds of business and professional work. It comes with 8 different font weights, italics, stylistic alternates, and multilingual support.

Visby CF - Clean Geometric Sans Serif Font

Featuring 8 different weights with obliques, Visby CF is a geometric font designed for professionals. It comes with a clean and minimal design that will surely add a professional look to your business and corporate designs. This font also includes both Latin and Cyrillic character sets.

Exterior - Free Geometric Outline Font

Exterior is a free geometric outline font that features an art-deco inspired design. The elegant look of its letters will surely help add class to your luxury projects. The font comes in 3 weights and it’s free to use with commercial projects.

Daikon - Free Geometric Sans Serif Font

This clean geometric font is also free to use with your personal projects. It comes with a simple letter design that will fit in nicely with your business and corporate branding design projects.

Maximus Sans - Geometric Sans Family

This font is clearly the perfect choice for designing a website header. It features a very modern and a clean design that will make your titles look crisp and clear. It’s available in 8 different weights, which will allow you to craft different types of big and bold titles and subheadings.

Avalon - Creative Geometric Font

Avalon is a creative geometric font that features a design inspired by the logo of the late DJ artist Avicii. This logo seems like a tribute to the artist. Yet it provides a creative approach to designing your own logos, T-shirt designs, posters, and many other types of designs.

Simbox - Geometric Color Font

A yet another geometric color font to use with your fun and quirky design projects. This font features a very colorful set of letters that’s ideal for designing posters and T-shirt designs. It’s an all-caps font that comes in OpenType Font format.

Focus Grotesk - Geometric Sans-Serif Font

Use this font to design clean and minimal titles for your various print and digital design projects. The font features a simple geometric design that consists of 5 different weights and 5 italic versions of the fonts.

Spartan MB - Free Geometric Font Family

This is a complete font family that comes with 7 different font weights, all featuring modern geometric letter designs. The entire font pack is free to download and use with your personal and commercial projects.

LORE - Free Vintage Geometric Font

If you want to add a bit of vintage look and feel to your geometric letter designs, this font will come in handy. Lore is a free geometric font that comes with a set of all-caps letters. You can use it for free with commercial projects.

Organa Caps - Unique Geometric Font Family

Organa is a geometric font that comes with a very unique design. It almost looks like a stencil font. The font actually comes in 3 different styles that uses geometric shapes and lines to add an uncommon look to titles and text. As mentioned in the name, this is an all-caps font.

Karomah - Modern Geometric Font

Karomah is a stylish geometric font that comes with a modern and creative letter design. It finds its inspiration from calligraphy and humanist designs. The font is ideal for making titles and headings for various creative projects.

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