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Marketing Podcast with Andrew Warden

Andrew Warden, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing podcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Andrew Warden. Andrew is the CMO of Semrush – an online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by millions of marketers worldwide including this one.

Key Takeaway:

A crucial component of growth is experimentation. Experimentation is the engine that drives innovation. It helps businesses implement and test ideas quickly so that they can learn and define failure and success quickly and pivot accordingly. In this episode, I talk with the CMO of Semrush, Andrew Warden, about leading a mature organization and how experimentation helps push its growth as an organization.

Questions I ask Andrew Warden:

  • [1:40] Setting the record straight on how to pronounce “Semrush”
  • [2:44] What prepared you to take on this job at Semrush, a really somewhat mature organization?
  • [4:52] As a CMO, given the DNA, and all these acronyms of the organization, do you feel a tug to just do more SEO sometimes?
  • [6:38] I want to talk a little more about your experimental process – do you have a process for saying, you know, we’re gonna throw these 10 things out there and this is how we’re going to measure them?
  • [11:41] Today, Semrush offers many more solutions other than an SEO tool – what’s been the challenging part of redefining what people view your company as?
  • [14:08] As a mature organization, how do you balance the need for branding versus the need to acquire more users?
  • [17:16] Is there a small set of metrics that you rely on?
  • [19:43] So pretend you are speaking to a group of CMOs in an audience only today and somebody said, what do you think is the biggest challenge for most CMOs today? What would your answer be?
  • [22:44] Where can people learn more?

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John Jantsch (00:00): This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is brought to you by Nudge, hosted by Phil Agnew. It’s brought to you by the HubSpot Podcast Network, the audio destination for business professionals. You can learn the science behind great marketing with bite size 20 minute episodes, packed with practical advice from world-class marketers and behavioral scientists. And it’s not always about marketing. Great episode. Recently you learned the surprising truths about and tips for beating, stress and anxiety. Sounds like a great program, doesn’t it? Listen to Nudge wherever you get your podcasts. Hello, welcome to another episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. This is John Jantsch, and my guest today is Andrew Warden. He is the CMO of S e m, rush Sam Rush. We’ll talk about that time. Rose in a second as well. That half our conversation, right , it’s an online visibility management SaaS platform that is used by millions of marketers worldwide, including this one. So, uh, Andrew, welcome to the

Andrew Warden (01:14): Show. Great, thanks so much. So good to be here. And let me just cla, let me just jump really quick cuz this is like one of the hottest contested things in our community, I would say. And beyond. It is some rush here. It’s here, here. The way that it sounds, the way it rolls off your tongue. Think people, it’s true. Historically it was s SCM rush and it didn’t help when we went public because our stock checker is S E M R. So people automatically, but if you wanna know where the brand of the heart is, it’s with Cem Rush

John Jantsch (01:39): . Yeah, I actually was gonna ask you that directly and then I actually blew it in the intro , but I know I’ve even seen some of the videos you’ve produced of, you know, making fun of. Sure. The idea , is it, I’m curious since we got on the topic, even though it’s a goofy topic. No. Is there a regional preference? Like, do Americans use one or the other? No.

Andrew Warden (02:00): Or you know, I think it’s, I actually, I don’t think it’s necessarily linked to geography. Yeah, I think that’s linked to history, right? Number one, because originally right, the founding of the company was, it’s always like right square in the search engine marketing at the Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kind of diehard SEO community. And that’s true and that’s still very much a core of our community. But you know, now, gosh, 14 years later, we’re 55 plus tools, not only seo, not only at the sweet spot. So I think it’s probably more linked to his history and maybe our, maybe our diehard SEO fans. Right. S e m, right. Yeah.

John Jantsch (02:34): So you’ve been, in fact, I think you had a LinkedIn post at celebrating your one year anniversary. Mm-hmm. Scroll back to top

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