70+ Best App Landing Page Templates 2023

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Top Pick

Appyng - App Landing Page HTML Template

Appyng is a modern app landing page template featuring stylish animations and lots of interactive elements that attract attention.

This HTML landing page template comes in 2 different designs that include different styles of above the fold designs along with minimal content layouts.

Why This Is A Top Pick

This template features all the elements of a great app landing page website, including an effectively designed CTA, sections for adding testimonials, pricing tables, image galleries, and more.

Appspery - Bootstrap 5 App Landing Template

This app landing page features a sleek and modern design for showcasing your app in a professional way. The template is built with Bootstrap 5, making it fluid and responsive. A specialty of this template is that it’s not dependent on jQuery.

Appku - Software & SaaS Landing Page

Appku is a multipurpose landing page template that you can use to make websites for both software and SaaS web apps. It lets you choose from 12 different homepage designs. This template is also built with Bootstrap.

Softwareall - SaaS App Landing Page HTML Template

This landing page template is also made with SaaS software and web apps in mind. It features a sleek design built with Bootstrap for offering a fully responsive layout. The template includes 4 homepage layouts with animations, free Google Fonts integration, and more.

Orions – Responsive App Landing Page HTML Template

Orions is a modern app landing page you can use to make websites for mobile apps as well as web apps. The template is available in 3 different color variations. It includes FontAwesome and LineAwesome icons and Owl Carousel integration.

Appfast – Free App Landing Page Template

This free app landing page comes with a simple layout for you to create a basic landing page for your mobile app. It’s ideal for new and upcoming apps to showcase features on a single page.

Lenda – App Landing HTML Template

Lenda is another multipurpose app landing page template that’s most suitable for SaaS websites and software products. The template is built with Bootstrap 5 and features smooth scrolling, a parallax background, a sticky menu, and more. It’s optimized for all popular browsers as well.

Softar - Software - & APP Landing Page Template

You can use this landing page template to make websites for various styles of SaaS apps. There are 5 different landing page designs to choose from. And each page of this template includes clean and SEO-friendly code.

Appiya - React App Landing Page Template

Appiya is a landing page template made with React apps in mind. The template is built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. It features a responsive layout with Google Fonts, IcoFonts, and more.

Styza - App Landing Page Template

Styza landing page template has a classic layout for building a website that effectively showcases your mobile app without too many distractions. It has multiple sections for detailing the features of your app. And you can fully customize it to your preference as well.

Potoub - Free SaaS Landing Page HTML Template

If you’re only looking for a basic landing page template for a SaaS app, this free HTML template will come in handy. It has a very simple and basic design to make a landing page for a software.

Colugo - App Landing Page HTML Template

This is a fully customizable HTML app landing page template that comes with RTL language support. It comes with 3 pre-made homepage layouts with different styles of header designs. It’s made with the Bootstrap grid layout and features a responsive layout.

Prista – Medical App Landing Page HTML Template

Prista is a modern app landing page you can use to promote apps related to medical services and products. The HTML template comes with 3 different homepage designs as well as a blog layout. It can be easily customized to change the design, colors, and fonts to your preference.

AppsWorld - App Landing Page HTML5 Template

Sometimes a classic page layout is just what you need to showcase your app more effectively. This app landing page template comes with such a classic and simple design that works well for promoting business and self-improvement apps. The template includes a portfolio section, Google Maps, and Owl carousel as well.

Extbot - Vue JS App Landing Page Template

This is a different type of landing page template than the other HTML templates we’ve included in our list. This template is made using the Vue3 platform and it’s ideal for apps made with the Vue JS framework. There are 5 different homepage designs to choose from and they all use the Bootstrap framework.

Dazzle - Free HTML App Landing Page Template

This is a free HTML landing page template you can download and use to promote your mobile apps. The template features a modern and elegant design with plenty of space to showcase your app screens and features.

Piloz - React Next App Landing Page Template

Built with React JS and Next JS, this unique app landing page will serve as an effective hub for promoting all kinds of mobile apps. It features multiple sections where you can highlight the best features of the app with screenshots and descriptions. And it also uses the Bootstrap 4 framework.

Apiton - Vue Nuxt App Landing Page Template

Apiton is another mobile app landing page built with React and Next JS. This template comes with a beautifully designed homepage with 2 inner-pages. It includes multiple components that can be reused to customize the layout to your preference. And includes code optimized for SEO.

Opins - Creative App Landing Page HTML Template

Opins is a creative app landing page template that features a clean and minimal design that allows you to showcase all the features of your app more effectively while also generating more conversions with its optimized CTA sections. The template comes with 2 unique homepage designs powered by Bootstrap 4.

Sooper - App & Software Landing Page Template

Sooper is a multipurpose landing page template you can use to design landing page websites for both mobile apps and web apps. The template comes in 4 different homepage layouts you can easily customize to make a professional landing page. The templates are also available in light and dark colors themes.

Jironis - One Page HTML App Landing Template

Jironis landing page template comes with a highly minimalist design layout that takes advantage of white space to effectively showcase your app features. The template is available in 2 different homepage designs with 3 inner page layouts. It also supports Owl Carousel for adding image sliders.

Binmp - App and Software Landing HTML Template

This creative landing page template can be used to create a mobile app, SaaS, and startup landing page websites. It includes 3 unique homepage designs that feature 9 different inner page layouts for showcasing your app and company in detail. Built with Bootstrap, the design is fully responsive as well.

Opins - Creative App Landing Page HTML Template

Opins is the perfect landing page template for making websites for creating mobile apps and software. The template comes in 2 different designs and 2 unique inner page layouts. The design is also filled with CSS3 animations for improving interactions and features Owl Carousel integration as well.

app landing page template-

Check out Zapper, a multipurpose HTML app landing page ideal for any sort of startup and mobile apps, as well as one page websites. It comes with a wealth of features that really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

app landing page template-

Built with high design standards, Apolz is a colorful and stylish HTML app landing page template purpose-built for marketing, startup, SaaS, software, and a range of other online businesses. It’s fully responsive , includes a home page, two inner page options to choose from, and slick slider.

app landing page template-

Next up is Corba, a clean and professional app landing page template that will pay for itself many times over. It’s built according to the modern design standards, consists responsive Bootstrap 3 based layouts, retina ready graphics, and minimalistic and neat user interface. What’s not to love about that?

app landing page template

Here we have an excellent Bootstrap app landing page template that will help you get your website or app up and running in no time at all. It has a clean and contemporary design, responsive layout, offers smooth scrolling, and seamless compatibility with cross browsers. The best part? It’s free and up for grabs.

app landing page template-

If you are looking for a minimal yet elegant app landing page template that doesn’t skimp on features and is also free, Nova is what you should consider. It has everything you need to get your application’s website online.

Leno - Free Bootstrap 4 App Landing Page Template

Leno is a beautiful free landing page template that comes with a modern design. This template is perfect for making a landing page for a simple mobile app while including app screenshots, feature breakdowns, image sliders, and much more.

Lifetrackr - Free Responsive Landing Page Template

This free landing page template is designed using the Bootstrap framework, making the design fully responsive across all devices and platforms. It also includes a modern design filled with stylish colors and effective CTAs.

Gimpo - App Landing Page HTML Template

This modern app landing page template comes in 2 different versions featuring unique homepage designs. You can use it to create landing pages for mobile apps and SaaS apps. The template includes lots of attractive CSS3-powered animations and SEO-friendly code as well.

BRIX - Mobile App Landing Page Template

Brix is a modern mobile app landing page featuring many unique sections you can use to showcase the benefits and features of your apps. The template is built using the Bootstrap framework and includes Owl carousel, Google Maps, and more great features.

Devazo - SaaS Landing Page Template

Powered by Bootstrap, jQuery, and HTML, this landing page template comes with 4 different homepage designs and 3 variations with gradient, dark, and light color themes. This template is ideal for making landing pages for SaaS apps and businesses.

Crown- Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Crown is a multipurpose landing page template that includes more than 28 different homepage designs. Using this template, you can build landing pages for mobile apps, SaaS apps, businesses, startups, and much more. It includes over 250 content blocks you can use easily rearrange to create your own unique landing pages.

Foodz - Free App Landing Page Template

Foodz is a free mobile app landing page that features an attractive and easily customizable design. The template is built using the Bootstrap HTML framework and it features smooth scrolling and Google Fonts as well.

Nova - Premium App Landing Page Template

Nova is a modern app landing page template that features a mobile-friendly and responsive design. The template includes many useful content sections and features, such as lead capture forms, CTAs, testimonials sections, and more for creating an effective marketing page.

Mixup - App Landing Page HTML Template

Mixup landing page template features a creative design you can use to make websites for mobile apps, software, online tools, SaaS startups, and more. The template includes 6 different homepage layouts with 9 unique inner page designs. You can also easily customize the designs as well.

AppStorm - App Startup Template

AppStorm is a modern and creative app landing page template that features a stylish design you can easily customize to feature your app or startup in a professional way. The template includes 3 unique page designs, parallax effects, Owl Carousel, Google Fonts, and a PSD template.

Startly - Software & SaaS App Landing Template

Startly is the ideal HTML template you can use to design a beautiful landing page for your SaaS website or app to promote your business. The template features a fully responsive design with two different header layouts, pricing tables, social testimonials feed powered by Twitter, and much more.

Sware - SaaS Software & App Landing Template

Sware app landing page template comes with a minimalist design that allows you to effectively highlight the best features of your app or SaaS business using a clean website layout. You can customize the template with different colors, Google Fonts, parallax effects, creative transition effects, and lots more.

Elisa - Free Modern Landing Page Template

Elisa is a creative landing page template you can download and use for free to create all kinds of app landing pages. This template comes with multiple homepage designs for crafting different types of landing pages for both mobile and SaaS websites.

New Age - Free Bootstrap Landing Page Template

New Age is another great free landing page template made using the latest Bootstrap framework. The template features an effective CTA, sections to showcase app features, and more.

Horse App - Responsive App Landing Page Template

Horse App landing page template lets you choose from 2 unique homepage designs to create a stylish landing page to promote your app or software. The template also includes 9 different page layouts, unlimited color options, parallax backgrounds, real-time statistics, and much more.

Flare - HTML App Landing Page Template

Flare is a modern HTML landing page template you can use to promote and showcase your mobile app. The template features 12 unique page layouts, parallax backgrounds, Google Fonts, fully responsive design, functional contact form, and email subscribe form with MailChimp integration.

VSApp is a landing page template that’s been designed specifically for mobile apps. The template includes several brilliantly-designed areas throughout the website layout for showcasing the different features of your app and screenshots with more details. It also has CTAs (call to action) for linking to your app’s Google Play and App Store pages.

Omni is a one-page landing page template that comes with 6 different homepage styles. You can use this HTML template to craft a landing page for a mobile app, web app, coming soon pages, and much more. The template is available in 8 different color schemes.

Appley - Free Bootstrap Landing Page Template

Appley is a simple free landing page template you can use to make a website for a modern lifestyle or business app. The template features a creative homepage design featuring a modal video player, parallax effects, image carousels, and more.

Small Apps - Free Responsive App Landing Page Template

This free landing page template is most suitable for making a simple landing page website for promoting apps. The free version of the template includes 2 homepage layouts with simple designs, which is more than enough for setting up a basic app landing page.

This is a multipurpose landing page template that can be used to build app landing pages, SaaS business websites, eBook landing pages, and more. The template comes with 3 demo templates featuring minimal and SEO-friendly designs.

Featuring a fully-responsive design that looks great on phones, tablets, and desktops, this landing page template allows you to create both the mobile app and startup websites. It features 12 different page designs, stat counters, pricing tables, and much more.

Xapo is a mobile-first app landing page built with the latest Bootstrap 4. The template comes with 12 demo designs featuring a slider with unlimited styles, CSS3 animations, a sticky menu, blog layouts, and more.

Label is a landing page template designed for building app and SaaS websites. It comes with 8 different demo designs featuring a fully-responsive and a minimalist design. The landing page design also features pricing tables, testimonials section, and a subscription form with MailChimp integration.

This multipurpose landing page template can be used to design app landing pages, web app landing pages, and even SaaS websites. Built with the latest Bootstrap 4, this template comes with 18 homepage styles and 4 different landing page designs. It also features parallax scrolling and a mega-menu.

Awesome App - Free App Landing Page Template

This free app landing page template is made with the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. It features a colorful design, an image slider, testimonials section, pricing table, and more. The free version of the template comes with a footer credit and you can use it with personal projects.

Fusion - Free Modern App Landing Page Template

Fusion is a modern app landing page you can use for free with your personal projects. The template comes with a stylish design featuring minimal content layouts and attractive illustrations.

Another multipurpose landing page template that comes with a design that fits all types of websites. This template includes 4 different demo variations featuring responsive designs with clean layouts. You can use it to build both mobile and web app landing pages.

This landing page template comes with a fully-responsive design featuring many different sections for showcasing your apps, including a product slideshow, parallax scrolling, and much more. The template comes in two versions for showcasing Android and iOS apps.

Snac is a complete HTML landing page template designed for showcasing all the features of mobile apps. This template features a fully responsive design with parallax backgrounds and an easy to use grid-based layout.

This template features a creatively modern design that makes it perfect for building landing pages for feature-rich mobile apps. Built with Bootstrap, this template comes in 2 layouts and 3 different color variations.

Faster is a mobile app landing page that comes with 9 different homepage layout designs. It features a beautiful modern design and comes with an effective CTA (call to action) section that allows you to link to both App Store and Google Play pages of the app.

Mobland HTML landing page template lets you choose from 5 different layouts to showcase your app in a beautiful website. It also comes in both light and dark color themes and lots of other features such as animations, sliders, parallax scrolling, blog layouts, and more.

Spot landing page template comes with 7 homepage designs and with 18 predefined color variations of the template. You can also use the template as either an app landing page or a landing page for a service.

Minutes is a landing page template that features 10 different styles of homepage page designs, including designs for app landing pages, coming soon pages, lead generation, and more. The templates also feature 12 different color themes as well.

WonderApp HTML template comes with a complete pack page designs for building different types of landing pages. The design is fully responsive and features a smooth parallax effect. It also includes a mega-menu, video player, portfolio templates, and more.

This is a landing page template for creating coming soon pages. It’s perfect for setting up a landing page to promote the launch of your mobile app. It also comes in 4 different backgrounds and 18 color themes as well.

Why settle for one template when you can get 30 HTML templates? This is a massive bundle of 30 landing page templates featuring designs for app landing pages, product pages, lead generation, and more.

This is another bundle full of 28 landing pages templates for building many different types of landing pages. The designs also include over 500 elements for customizing the designs.

Kane – Responsive App Landing Page + Builder


Kane is a clean and modern app landing page template. Built with Bootstrap 3. It has different homepage styles and color variations. Well organized and commented code makes it very easy to customize and use in your project according to your needs. You can use to present your Android app or iOS app.

Startuply — Responsive Multi-Purpose Landing Page


A one page multi-purpose template that can be used for all kinds of startup or company like software, (SaaS) service, plugins, platforms or offline businesses and many more. Its fully responsive design was tested on all major handheld devices.

Launchkit Landing Page, Variant Builder


Launchkit is a complete landing page solution with unlimited potential and marketing appeal. Launch your next product or service the right way with clear, balanced content blocks that create ample opportunity for visitor conversion. Several fully-realised demo pages showcase the versatile beauty of Launchkit, it has never been easier to nail the perfect look for your next landing page.

Lista Newsletter Form Landing Page


Lista is an ultra-responsive landing page template for your newsletter sign up or free download squeeze page, or even just a service, your choice! Lista takes good use of the Z Reading pattern to guide the eye around the design and ultimately convert your visitors into subscribers or customers.

Select – Landing Page Set with Page Builder


A set of 30 multi-purpose landing pages with a page builder. It helps you to create the desired landing page by yourself within just minutes. Its powerful functionality allows you to edit text, to change colors of elements, modify the parameters of elements, to embed your videos from YouTube and Vimeo, customize images and much much more.

Conversion – Premium Landing Page


Conversion is a premium HTML landing page. Its great structure and clean, professional design as well as a variety of page templates allow it to fit to both transactional and reference landing pages.

Off the Shelf – Responsive E-Book Landing Page


Off the Shelf has been designed for e-book authors and marketers alike and combines everything you need to quickly get your product noticed.

Crossway – Startup Landing Page Template


Crossway is a quick and easy customize landing page. Using it you can create any landing page you want just in a few minutes for example it can be used to promote web services or launching startups. This is a HTML5 template with unique features like amazing parallax scrolling background and well-structured code.

Conversion – Responsive Landing Page


Conversion is a one page responsive template ideal for companies offering a product or service. The design ensures minimal effort in setting up a striking landing page for your startup, plugin, app, offline business or software services.

Neue – App Landing Page


A stunning and robust app showcase. Neue is the newest app landing page out there. It is equiped with amazing features and comes with even more amazing support.

Hype – App Landing Page


A modern, responsive, retina ready, landing page for mobile apps.

Nostalgia – Responsive Landing Page


Nostalgia is a HTML Responsive Landing Page – personal or corporate, based on full-screen slideshow. The template is maintained in a minimalist, contrasting style. Background images kept in retro tones contrast with modern minimalist content.

Appsperia – App Landing Page


AppSperia is a clean and creative landing page template for mobile apps. This landing page template has different color and demo variations. Well organized and very easy to customize.

xLander – Premium Landing Page Template


xLander is modern and premium landing page template, designed for many different types of marketing website. This template built with Bootstrap 3.2.0, CSS3 and HTML5 code. xLander is the best web site to promote your business or corporate web site. It has clean structure, professional design and SEO friendly code.

Clickr Landing Page


Clickr is a click-through landing page with above-the-fold layout and straight forward message.

im Event – Event Conference Landing Page


This one page event and conference theme is a very clean, modern and outstanding designed HTML template for multi purpose. Perfect for any business events, conferences, parties etc.

Superawesome – Retina Bootstrap 3 App Landing Page


Designed for a mobile and web app showcase, landing page, product promo or similar.

Car Rental Landing Page


Car Rental is a single fully responsive HTML5 theme. This theme is the perfect for people who are using online services to rent and book a car for their vacation or business purposes.

5 Tips for Building a Landing Page

Building a landing page is different from making an ordinary website. Especially when it comes to making app landing pages there are specific features you must add to make it more effective.

1. Add a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) is the most important part of a landing page. It’s where you give directions for visitors to take action. Whether it’s to download an app, buy a product, or subscribe to an email list, the CTA needs to be designed perfectly for generating more conversions.


Start by adding the CTA above the fold or at the top half of the website. It’s the first section people see when they visit a landing page and adding the CTA on the top of the page will surely generate more clicks. Of course, you should add another CTA at the bottom of the page too.

2. Create a Simpler Navigation

As a general rule of thumb, many landing pages get rid of all kinds of navigations and menus in order to reduce distractions and prevent people from navigating outside the landing page.


You should also consider removing any links and menus from your landing page. Or, you can introduce an alternate navigation system to guide visitors through website content or to jump to different sections of your landing page.

3. Add Testimonials and Reviews


One of the best ways to convince your potential customers to buy a product or download an app is to show social proof and testimonials on your website from real people. Make sure your landing page has a section to showcase your best app reviews and testimonials.

4. Make it Easier to Contact You


Your app landing page can also be used as your official app website to provide more information and customer support by linking to your landing page from app marketplaces. Add a contact form on your app landing page to let users contact you more easily.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Of course, your app landing page needs to be properly optimized to work on all types of mobile devices and platforms since the majority of your visitors will be mobile users. Use a mobile-friendly template to build your app landing page and see if it’s optimized for SEO to get better rankings on Google.

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