How to Turn Off Likes and Dislikes on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most prominent social media platforms of recent times. The popularity of this platform continues to increase with millions of users. On this platform, it is possible to attract people’s attention with content that appeals to all age groups. Thanks to this application, people can easily access content, topics, training, and many videos they can socialize with. That’s why YouTube continues to offer opportunities that can benefit its users. This “How to Turn Off Likes And Dislikes on YouTube” article will benefit you just like YouTube.

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  • People who own YouTube channels have subscribers and earnings through their channels. Thanks to these subscribers and likes, YouTube channel owners who earn money from their videos post new content regularly. YouTube channels that have grown over time have millions of subscribers and earn high profits.

If you have started producing content on YouTube and you are actively using YouTube, you will notice that everyone around you has different perspectives and preferences when using this application. Therefore, everyone’s perspective on video content may be different. Especially those who produce content on YouTube prefer that a large number of viewers watch their videos and that their channels are popular. However, some YouTubers also carefully monitor their likes and dislikes. Sometimes, the number of dislikes for some content increases for no reason.

For this reason, content producers are usually uncomfortable with this situation and want to hide their YouTube dislikes. If you are like these content producers, you are in the right place to learn how to hide your dislikes in your videos. In the article, there are details about “How to turn off likes and dislikes on YouTube?” for you.

Steps to Turn Off Likes and Dislikes on Your YouTube Channel

If you want to turn off likes and dislikes for your videos on your YouTube channel, there are some steps to do so. To do this, you must enter the general settings of your YouTube channel. In this way, you hide likes and dislikes for newly uploaded videos. However, to change the likes and dislikes for the videos you have uploaded before, you can hide them manually and separately. You can easily hide likes and dislikes on your content by following the steps below. Here are all the detailed steps waiting for you.

turn off YouTube likes

turn off YouTube likes

  • First of all, open your YouTube account. Then you click on your profile photo in the application’s upper left corner. This way, you can open the YouTube Studio.
likes and dislikes

likes and dislikes

  • The Settings option is at the bottom left of your screen. After clicking on this, you should click on the “Upload Defaults” option on the left.
  • On the page that opens, you will see a field showing the feature titles of the video. Click on the “Advanced Settings” option in this area. 
YouTube dislikes

YouTube dislikes

  • When you click on the Advanced Settings section, scroll down the page to see the like and dislike button.
  • If you unchecked the option, all you have to do is save the information. After clicking “Save”, likes and dislikes will be hidden.

After you complete these steps, you will have hidden the like and dislike button. Your newly uploaded content video will not have a like and dislike option.

What Happens When You Hide YouTube Likes and Dislikes?

On YouTube, many creators often hide likes and dislikes after sharing their videos. One of the most important reasons for this is that when you share content on YouTube, specific audiences can approach your video maliciously. You may not be satisfied with this situation because your content is intentionally not liked by certain audiences for no reason. In addition, new people who will watch your video may approach your videos in a biased way due to the high number of dislikes.

  • When you hide your likes and dislikes in your videos, some question marks may arise in your viewers’ minds. One of the most obvious of these question marks is whether your content is of good quality because people may think that you hide your likes and dislikes for a reason. And People may believe that you hide likes and dislikes for your video because it doesn’t get a lot of likes. If you want to reverse this negative situation to a positive approach, you can buy YouTube likes.

What Causes Dislikes in Your Video Content?

You can produce almost any content on any topic you want on the YouTube platform. But some of the content you create may be about controversial topics. Many people may have different opinions if these controversial issues are on the agenda. People who are not satisfied with your content can click the dislike button for your videos. 

After a short while, you can analyze your video with increased numbers of dislikes. The problems that may arise with the increased numbers of dislikes are as follows.

content list

content list

  • With the increase in your dislikes, new people are more likely to dislike them while watching your videos because they will be biased.
  • Your viewers who follow your channel may not like your video due to the high dislike rate of your video. For these reasons, they can unfollow your channel and unsubscribe.
  • YouTube will not recommend your new content to your previous viewers because they didn’t like your video and unsubscribed. For this reason, you may experience a low number of viewers on your new content.
  • If the number of likes is low and the number of dislikes is high shortly after publishing your video, your video may not appear at the top of the search results. In this case, it will lead to fewer viewers of the video.

If you encounter such adverse situations, like many YouTube content producers, you can learn how to close the YouTube dislike button and get rid of this problem. And you can also learn how to turn off comments on YouTube here.


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If you are a content producer on YouTube and have just opened your channel, you may find low likes or may encounter situations such as increased dislikes due to malicious audiences. In such cases, you can hide likes and dislikes on YouTube. In the article, you learned all the details about how to turn off likes and dislikes on YouTube. There is also information in the article about why you should hide likes and dislikes for your video content. You can also check YouTube Help for details. If you want a more efficient YouTube content production process, you can analyze the information and perform your analysis. This way, you can hide your likes and dislikes quickly and get rid of the situations that bother you.

If you are producing content on YouTube and have questions about turning off likes and dislikes on your content, there is a frequently asked questions below for you. In this section, you will be able to find the answers to your questions by examining the frequently asked questions and answers.

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