30+ Best Twitch Stream Overlay Templates in 2023 (Free & Premium)

Twitch is well-known as a video game streaming platform but it’s actually much bigger than that. Now it’s populated by all kinds of content creators and professionals. Most of them are even using Twitch as their main source of income.

You’ll notice that all these Twitch streamers have their own unique and personalized streaming setups. They have creative overlays for the facecam with colorful and branded designs. This helps the streamers to set themselves apart from the millions of other streamers.

Usually, you have to hire a graphic designer to get a customized Twitch stream overlay designed for your channel. It will require a big investment, which is harder to afford when you’re just starting out. Thankfully, there’s a more affordable solution to this — Twitch overlay templates.

Twitch stream overlay templates are pre-made overlay designs that you can easily edit, customize, and upload to your stream setup. It’s that easy. Have a look in our handpicked Twitch overlay templates collection below to find a design for your Twitch channel.

Tigerspawn - Twitch Stream Overlay Template

Using a bright and colorful facecam overlay is a great way to highlight your cam footage against a dark background. This is why this Twitch stream overlay is most suitable for video game streamers. Especially if you’re playing games with dark themes like horror games this overlay will effectively highlight your facecam. You can easily edit this template using Photoshop as well.

Americans - Twitch Stream Overlay Template

Want to show off your patriotism through your channel? Then this overlay template will be perfect for you. It features a very patriotic design with multiple colored sections. The best part is you don’t have to be American to use it. You can easily change the colors to your preference using Photoshop.

Twitch Overlay Template for eSports Teams

Most of the gaming content creators on Twitch prefer to team up with eSports teams and even participate in tournaments. This Twitch overlay seems like a great choice for such teams to have a unifying overlay design for all of the members. The clean design and color choices make it even more perfect.

Angelions - Twitch Facecam Overlay Template

No matter what type of a gamer you are, you can use this multipurpose Twitch overlay template to create a stylish facecam overlay for your stream. It’s highly customizable and comes with easily changeable colors. It even includes instructions on how to edit the template using Photoshop.

Minimal Twitch Stream Overlay Template

Sometimes, you don’t want your facecam footage to take the attention away from your background stream. This overlay template is made just for those streamers. It features a minimal design that allows you to highlight your facecam in a more decent way. The template comes in PSD format and it’s customizable as well.

Free Twitch Stream & Cam Overlay Template

This is a free Twitch overlay template that comes with both a fullscreen stream overlay and a facecam overlay. Both templates are free to use and include customizable layouts for changing colors and text.

Live Streaming Overlay Templates

This collection of overlay templates include designs for adding a professional look to your business meetings, podcasts, and other casual live streaming. They are ideal for OBS, YouTube, and Facebook streams as well. You can choose from 8 different overlay templates and they are available in PSD, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD formats.

Multipurpose Stream Overlay Templates

Whether you’re live streaming for a webinar or teaching a class, this bundle has stream overlay designs for all kinds of professional events. It includes 8 different overlays with casual and creative designs that support OBS, Facebook, and YouTube streaming.

Twitch Gaming Kit Overlay Templates

This is a complete kit of overlay templates for Twitch. It includes 3 different offline screen designs and a webcam overlay that you can easily customize to your preference using Photoshop.

Neon Podcast Twitch Overlay Templates Kit

Twitch streamers and podcasters will surely find this overlay kit most useful. It includes a video stream overlay, a profile banner, and an offline screen. Each template comes in Photoshop PSD format with properly sized for Twitch.

Free Twitch Gaming Overlay Template

Another free Twitch overlay template for gamers. This template kit includes an overlay template with an offline screen design, stream starting screen, and more useful templates.

Lava Cake - Twitch Overlay Template

This bright and colorful Twitch overlay will certainly make your streams stand out from the crowd. It includes all the templates you’ll need to create a complete themed stream overlay design. All of the templates are easily editable as well.

Green Juice - Twitch Overlay Template

This Twitch overlay template comes with a design that mixes elements from attractive green and blue neons. It comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator file formats to let you customize the design using your favorite software.

Mountain - Twitch Overlay Template

This minimal Twitch overlay template is perfect for creating an overlay for variety streamers. Whether you’re streaming games, music, or just chatting, this design is a great fit for all types of streamers.

AlienX - Twitch Overlay Template

The bright green colors make this Twitch overlay truly pop and it will help get more viewer’s attention to your streams. The template includes all the elements you need to design your stream overlay as well as your Twitch profile.

Free Twitch & YouTube Stream Overlay

If you stream on both Twitch and YouTube, this free template kit will come in handy. It features matching Stream overlay designs for Twitch and YouTube streams. The templates are easily customizable to your preference.

Ranger - Twitch Overlay Template

Another bright and colorful Twitch overlay for gaming streamers. This template also comes in Photoshop and Illustrator vector file formats. You can edit all the text and colors in this template however you like.

Video Streaming - Twitch Overlay Template

This is a multipurpose Twitch overlay template you can use for all kinds of streaming. It features a minimal dark design that will make your streams look more professional as well. It’s available in an editable PSD file.

Blast Squad - Twitch Overlay Template

A simple and clean Twitch overlay template for gaming content creators. This template comes in fully-layered and editable Photoshop and Illustrator files. That means you can customize the template design to your preference with ease.

Blue Ocean - Twitch Stream Overlay Template

If you’re looking for a streaming overlay that doesn’t take the attention away from your content, this template is for you. It features a minimal and basic design that adds a professional look to your streams.

Free Multipurpose Twitch Overlay Template

This Twitch overlay template kit also free to use. It includes matching stream and cam overlays as well as button and link designs. This template can be customized with Adobe Illustrator.

Tokiyo - Twitch Stream Overlay Template

This Twitch stream overlay has a very creative design that makes it a great choice for variety streamers. It doesn’t matter if you stream games, play instruments, or even host Karaoke parties, the overlay design will suit them all. The template comes in a PSD file with organized layers to let you easily customize it.

Colorful Twitch Stream Overlay Template

Show your audience that you support diversity or just simply make your stream more colorful with this bright Twitch overlay template. This template is ideal for streamers of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Of course, the colors of the overlay can easily be customized as well.

Dark Twitch Overlay Template for Gamers

Looking for a dark overlay design with a bold look and feel? Then this overlay template is made just for you. It comes with a bold and dark layout that will surely help highlight your facecam streams. The template can be edited to change the colors from red to any other color you like.

Modern Twitch Overlay Template

Make your stream stand out from the crowd using this attractive Twitch overlay template. It features a stylish design full of shapes and colors that will make your facecam stream more attractive. The template is perfect for gamers, DJs, music streams, and even for artists.

Simple Twitch Facecam Overlay Template

A simple and a decent facecam overlay template for Twitch. The clean and minimal design of this overlay template makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of Twitch streamers. And it comes with matching button designs as well. All of which can be customized to change colors and fonts.

Free Twitch Stream Overlay Template

You can grab this free Twitch stream kit free of charge. It includes multiple templates you can use to customize your whole stream setup, including your stream overlay, facecam overlay, buttons, donation alerts, and more.

Free Twitch Stream Overlay Templates

Another free Twitch stream overlay template you can download and use for free. This template comes with a feminine design that makes it a great choice for beauty streams, gaming streams, lifestyle streams, and much more.

Creative Twitch Stream Overlay Template

This creative Twitch overlay template features a genius design that highlights your stream more effectively. The colored panels surrounding the border are designed to highlight your stream in darker backgrounds. It comes in a fully-layered PSD file.

Red Twitch Facecam Overlay Template

The dark red color adds a gritty tone to this facecam overlay. This makes it a great choice for gamers who play shooters and more mature video games. Or you can easily change the colors to suit your different styles of streaming content as well. You can customize it using Photoshop.

Neon Twitch Stream Overlay Template

This Twitch stream overlay is also perfect for variety of streams. It comes with a bright neon-colored design that you can customize to fit your branding. It also includes a free Google Font and instructions on how to edit the template.

How To Add a Twitch Stream Overlay

Adding a custom overlay to your stream is done through your streaming software. If you’re using OBS to stream on Twitch, follow the steps below to add an overlay.

  1. First, select the Scene in OBS you want to add the overlay to
  2. Then go to the Sources panel
  3. Right-click inside the Sources panel and go to Add >> Image
  4. Give your new overlay a name and click on Add
  5. Then select your overlay image and click OK

For a more detailed and step by step guide, see this video tutorial.

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