30+ Best Decorative Fonts in 2023 (Free & Premium)

decorative font

Leah Gaviota is a fun and casual family of fonts that can help you create a range of artistic designs from greeting cards, badges, stickers, to logos, website covers, and signatures. The family features six different looks: Bold, Double, Thin, Script, Decorative, & Outline.

decorative font

Featuring a mix of modern-day charm and vintage nostalgia, Swashington is a painstakingly created decorative font that will look good on projects needing a creative flair. An excellent contender for your cash, Swashington is a product you should definitely give a shot to.

decorative font

Whimsy is a handdrawn typeface suitable for a wide range of projects but especially suited to fantasy-themed designs. Be it a t-shirt design, logotype, greeting card, book cover, or poster, Whimsy will help you achieve an effortless look every time you use it.

Lineat - Creative Decorative Font

Decorative fonts are a great choice for designing unique logos. This font is a perfect example of that. It features a creative letter design that will allow you to design a logo using nothing but this font. It’s especially ideal for lifestyle and luxury brand designs. The font features a set of all-caps letters, numbers, and punctuations.

Mighty - Bold Decorative Font

Mighty is a big, bold, and attractive font that certainly lives up to its name. It’s suitable for all kinds of print designs, mainly for label and badge designs. In fact, the font comes bundled with a set of editable badge templates in vector format. Of course, the font will look great with big poster titles and headers as well.

Freeline - Decorative Monogram Font

If you’re working on a logo design for a luxury brand, modern business, or even a tech startup, this font is a great choice for crafting a stylish logo. The font comes with a decorative letter design inspired by monogram fonts. It’s available in TTF, OTF, and WebFont versions.

Advio - Decorative Logo Font

Advio is another decorative font unlike any other on our list. It features a very unusual style of letter design that makes it a perfect choice for logo and signage designs. As a bonus, the font also comes with a color font version that features a very colorful and creative design.

PLY - Decorative Font Family

Each and every letter in this font family features a very unique design that makes it look like the letters are formed with a single line. You can use it to design logos or craft creative-looking titles for posters, book covers, and flyers. The font comes in regular, stylized, and bold versions.

Betron - Free Decorative Font

This beautiful decorative font is free to download and keep. It features a bold design that will look great on modern poster and flyer designs. The font also includes lots of glyphs as well. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Aleecia - Stylish Decorative Font

This beautiful decorative font is perfect for designing everything from greeting cards to invitations, quotes, posters, and more. The font comes with lots of glyphs, alternates, and ligatures to help you design unique graphics as well.

Wicken Park - Vintage Decorative Font

Inspired by retro-vintage motorcycle posters, this decorative font comes with one of the most attractive letter designs we’ve seen. It’s most suitable for designing badges and labels, especially for drink and alcohol brands.

decorative font

Ghost Flames is a spooky, and spine-chilling font for Halloween-themed projects. It’s available free of cost on CreativeTacos, and with Halloween right around the corner, we recommend you add this ghostly font to your shortlist.

decorative font

Brilliana is a beautiful and adorable font that will have you fall in love with it at first glance. It has an incredibly versatile style useful for creating marvelous designs with a warm, and cozy touch. Get your hands on it now.

GR Milesons - Artdeco Decorative Font

An elegant decorative font featuring a design inspired by art deco themes. This font is ideal for crafting titles for posters and magazines. As well as for designing creative business cards and labels. The font includes 300 glyphs and lots of ligatures as well.

CLIMBUP - Free Decorative Font Duo

Another great free decorative font you can use with your personal projects. This font comes in 2 styles featuring regular and inline character designs. It’s ideal for logo and label designs.

Airy - Decorative Logo Font

Airy is another colorful font you can use to design everything from attractive titles to logo designs and more. The font features a creative letter design with a light and airy design. It comes with a gradient version of the font in vector file formats as well.

Mars Attack - Decorative Title Font

If you’re looking for a bold and creative font to design a heading for a poster, a website header, or a T-shirt, this font is perfect for you. It features a tall and narrow letter design that easily attracts attention. It includes both uppercase and lowercase characters.

MOJITA - Modern Art Deco Font

Inspired by traditional Japanese cultural designs, this font comes with a unique letter style that can make your own design look truly amazing. The letters in this font are formed out of decorative symbols-like elements. The font also comes with 300 glyphs and supports 120 languages.

The Crow - Vintage Decorative Font

Want to give a dark and gritty look to your titles? Then grab this vintage decorative font. It comes with a stylish design that finds inspiration from the Victorian-era. The font comes in 8 different styles ranging from regular to inline, grunge, and more.

Halloweb - Decorative Halloween Font

Halloween is a busy time for designers. You get to work on seasonal promo designs for brands, greeting cards, posters, flyers, and much more. This is a font made just for Halloween-themed designs that suit them all. The font features a regular font and another one with decorative spider web ornaments.

Boldace - Free Decorative Brush Font

You can use this font free of charge with any personal or commercial project. It comes with a bold and attractive brush-style letter design. The font will make your poster and flyer title designs look absolutely stunning.

Raider - Free Decorative Font

This font is actually on fire. It comes with a set of characters featuring a decorative design, making it look like each letter is on fire. A very unique font you can use with your creative work. It’s free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Originals - Decorative Retro Font

Decorative fonts are a great choice for creating playful and fun designs. This font features a quirky letter design that will allow you to craft all kinds of entertaining posters, banners, and social media posts. The hand-drawn look of the letters will add a bit of personality to your crafts as well.

OLDBLUE - Playful Decorative Font

This decorative font comes with a retro-themed design with a mixture of playful elements. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as plenty of ligatures. And you can use it to make titles and headings for both business and creative designs.

Maddox - Decorative Brush Font

Add this decorative brush font to your collection to craft different types of fun greeting cards, posters, and flyers. The font comes with a creative hand-drawn style design that will make your work stand out from the crowd.

The Foldnick - Vintage Decorative Font

If you’re thinking about using a serif font with a creative project, it’s the perfect excuse to use a decorative serif font. This decorative serif font comes with stylish serifs that look incredible when used with label and packaging designs. You can see for yourself in the preview images on the product page.

Colombus - Decorative Comic Font

Even though this font looks great with a retro comic-book texture overlay, you can use it without textures to create beautiful and fun titles as well. The font features a casual handwritten letter design with lots of alternates, swashes, and ligatures. It’s ideal for children’s designs.

The Northern - Free Decorative Font

The Northern is a free decorative font that comes with an elegant and vintage design. It comes in two versions featuring rough and textured letter styles. It also features lots of unique OpenType features as well.

HalloWitchZ - Free Decorative Display Font

Looking for a free font to design a simple Halloween greeting card or flyer? Then this font is for you. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters. And you can use this font for free with your personal projects.

Blowing - Handmade Decorative Font

Featuring mixed elements from modern and handmade designs, this font comes with a set of unique characters that’s perfect for modern label, badge, and logo designs. It’s most suitable for urban, hipster, and casual branding designs.

Pixie Ring - Cute Decorative Font

Whether you’re crafting adorable greeting cards or T-shirt designs, this cute decorative font will help you design beautiful creations like never before. The font comes with a set of hand-drawn letters along with lots of adorable dingbat illustrations to decorate your title and headings.

One Thin Line - Modern Minimal Font

Just as the name describes, this font features letters that are formed out of one thin line. It certainly gives the letters an uncommon look that will surely look amazing for a logo or signage. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Oatmeal Jack - Hand-Lettered Decorative Font

This is a rare hand lettering font that features a unique decorative design. It comes with lots of stylish ligatures and glyphs. And, as a bonus, includes 7 pre-made badges in vector file formats.

Joyeux - Decorative Christmas Font

An elegant font with decorative elements for crafting all kinds of Christmas-themed designs. You can use it to design greeting cards, flyers, banners, and more. The font comes with 52 creative clipart with matching designs.

Sea Horse - Vintage Decorative Font

Another vintage font with stylish decorative elements. This font is perfect for designing everything from product labels to poster titles and much more. It features a classic design inspired by elements from the Victorian-era.

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