50+ Simple PowerPoint Templates (With Clutter-Free Design)

simple presentation tips to get you started with a clear, simple talk.

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Grande - Simple Powerpoint Template

Grande is a modern PowerPoint template that features a minimalist design with a unique content layout in each slide of the template. It not only comes with creatively shaped image placeholders but also includes a clean design surrounded by white space that effectively highlights its text and image content.

The template includes 30 unique slides that are available in 5 different color schemes along with a custom infographic, editable vector graphics, and mockups.

Why This Is A Top Pick

In addition to its attractive minimal design, the multipurpose content layout is what makes this template most useful. You can use it to create all sorts of slideshow presentations without any effort.

Imagine - Clean & Simple PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template with a clean yet modern design, this one is for you. It features a simple content layout throughout its slides that allow you to craft modern slideshows for business presentations. There are 30 different slides included in this template with fully customizable designs.

Impeccable - Creative Minimal PowerPoint Template

Impeccable is a creative PowerPoint template that features a minimalist design. Each slide in this template comes with an ultra-minimalist design with fewer shapes and colors. But it works quite well in bringing more attention to your content. The template includes 30 slides as well.

Modern Simple Business PowerPoint Template

Another clean and modern PowerPoint template with a unique style of design. There are 25 slides in this template that have stylish content layouts with space to showcase both images and text at the same time. It’s ideal for modern business and startup presentations.

Gimodelo - Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Template

You can still maintain a beautiful and colorful design while using a simple presentation layout. This PowerPoint template shows how it’s done. It comes with a set of elegant slides for crafting elegant branding presentations. The template includes 30 slides.

Free Simple Neomorph Powerpoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template that features slides done in the style of Neomorphic designs. The free version of the template includes 10 slides that you can customize however you like.

Econore - Clean Business Powerpoint Template

You can design simple yet effective presentations for your business with this modern PowerPoint template. It features creative shapes and elements in its designs but the slides offer clutter-free layouts at the same time. There are 34 unique slides in this template.

Executive - Minimal & Simple PowerPoint Template

If you want an extra minimal and simple layout for your presentation, start with this PowerPoint template. It offers a clean layout for you to design slideshows any way you want. The template features 30 slides with master slides and editable designs.

Ninety-Four - Stylish Simple PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template also uses a highly minimalist slide design, but it also incorporates modern elements to give each slide a modern look and feel. You can also fully customize each slide to change colors, fonts, and images as well.

Vella Fashion PowerPoint Simple Presentation Template

Vella PowerPoint template is designed with fashion brands and businesses in mind. But you can easily edit the slides to make presentations for other businesses too. These slides feature simple and minimal designs with plenty of room to promote your products and services.

Bazz - Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template

Bazz is a free PowerPoint template that you can use to craft modern slideshows for branding and business presentations. The free template includes several useful slide layouts with editable designs.

Blue Ocean -Business Powerpoint Template

Minimal designs are mostly associated with creative presentations. But, you can use it in business presentations as well. This simple and clean PowerPoint template comes with a set of minimal slide designs made specifically for making business and corporate presentations.

Simple Powerpoint Template

Rotalle is a simple, clutter-free PowerPoint template that will help you deliver a winning presentation. It comprises over a hundred meticulously designed slides that can be customized at the click of a button. Check it out, and add it to your PowerPoint toolkit ASAP.

Simple Powerpoint Template

Onil is the perfect recipe for creating a minimal yet attention-grabbing presentation in no time at all. It comes with 42 gorgeously crafted slides, infographics, free fonts, vector shapes, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It has features that should really be seen to be fully appreciated.

Simple Powerpoint Template

Shift is a remarkably unique PowerPoint template that’s bound to have a claiming effect on your audience. It has an awfully soothing, and easy on the eyes design guaranteed to draw the viewers in, and leave a lasting impression. Get it today!

Simple Powerpoint Template

Simine is an aesthetically pleasing template featuring 30 slides, completely editable in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. It has a versatile design suitable for various business purposes.

Simple Powerpoint Template

Here we have Mathematics, a clean, and simple PowerPoint template that will feel right at home for a range of businesses, and industries. It comes with 30 modern-looking slides, fully customizable to suit your requirements.

Ada - PowerPoint Presentation Template

The use of minimal colors and the content layout of this PowerPoint template makes it the perfect choice for making presentations related to fashion, beauty, photography businesses. The template also features more than 100 unique slide designs as well.

Montaen - Simple & Minimal Powerpoint Template

Montaen is a simple and a professional PowerPoint template made for creatives and agencies for showcasing their portfolios and services. It comes with 30 unique slides featuring minimal and clean layouts and with easily editable designs.

Warlock Minimal - Powerpoint Template

Warlock is a modern PowerPoint template you can use to make all kinds of marketing, sales, and branding related presentation slideshows. The template lets you choose from 50 unique slides to create all kinds of presentations for various types of businesses.

Balance - Free Minimal PowerPoint Template

Balance is a simple PowerPoint template that comes with 16 unique slides featuring attractive content layouts. It includes image placeholders and resizable vector graphics and shapes you can easily customize to your preference.

Free Traveller Powerpoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is designed with travel, adventure, tour, and hotel businesses in mind. However, it can be easily customized to create presentations for other types of businesses and brands as well.

The template comes with 10 unique slides featuring clean and clutter-free designs, which are based on 5 different master slide layouts. It also features easy drag and drop editing for customizing the design.

Even though this template uses a minimalist design, it also features an effectively crafted content layout that makes the most of each slide. That’s what makes this the top free PowerPoint template on this list.

simple powerpoint templates

Here we have Fortuna, a beautifully designed and functional presentation format suitable for virtually any purpose under the sun. It comes with fifty-plus slide designs, a range of charts, graphs, icons, and other infographic elements, and a choice between bright and dark color schemes.

simple powerpoint templates

Next in our list of the best simple PowerPoint templates is Blogger, a stunning option that will instantly level up your presentation and leave your clients in awe. It offers thirty-four slides that can be fully customized to your liking.

simple powerpoint templates

This is a simple, and professional pitch deck template featuring a striking design and a massive library of more than hundred slides that you can edit in just a couple of minutes. The best part is that it’s available for free download. How amazing is that now?

simple powerpoint templates

Save your time and effort making a presentation from scratch by employing Contain, a simple and powerful PowerPoint template that has a subtle color scheme and minimalistic design allowing you to effectively keep the client’s attention to your content.

simple powerpoint templates

Check out Quebec, a neat and uncluttered template able to liven up the mood of any sort of presentation, and impress the audience. It has been created with attention to detail and comprises of a wealth of features that you should really check out pronto. One of the best free simple PowerPoint templates out there!

Minimal - Free PowerPoint Template

This is a highly minimalist PowerPoint template that features a black and white color design. It’s most suitable for making a presentation that includes lots of text content and fewer images.

Prgy - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Prgy is a modern PowerPoint presentation template that comes with a simple and a clean design. It includes 35 unique slides with minimal colors, clutter-free design, and lots of resizable graphics. The template can be used to create many different types of presentations as well.

Elphine - Simple PowerPoint Template

Elphine is a simple PowerPoint template that comes with 30 unique slides filled with vector icons, shapes, and resizable elements. The template includes easy to use placeholders for dragging and dropping your images onto the slides. It’s most suitable for showcasing portfolios and project showcases.

BOSH - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Bosh features a modern design and it includes high-resolution slides in 1920×1080 resolution. It comes with 70 unique slides, which include mockups, icons, shapes, and lots of other customizable elements. The colors and shapes can also be customized to your preference.

Yellow - Creative Powerpoint Template

Yellow is a colorful and creative PowerPoint presentation template that’s most suitable making presentations related to art, design, and creative projects. The template includes 50 unique slides featuring editable graphics, 3D vector infographics, icons, and more.

Design Agency - Powerpoint Template

If you’re a web designer or a creative agency, this PowerPoint template will be quite useful in creating different types of presentations to pitch projects and win more clients. The template comes with 50 unique slides filled with vector icons, shapes, and elements and with clutter-free designs.

Everlux - Simple PowerPoint Template

Everlux is a modern and a creative PowerPoint template featuring more than 40 unique slides with clean designs. It features placeholders for quickly placing your images in the slides, lots of vector icons, editable shapes, and much more.

Look - Free Clean PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is different from traditional minimal designs. Instead of using white space, it uses single color backgrounds to highlight its content. This gives the entire presentation a more colorful look. It includes 55 slides in two different colors.

X - Free Minimal PowerPoint Template

This clean and minimalist PowerPoint template comes with 18 unique slide layouts you can use to make different types of business and agency presentations. It comes in Full HD resolution and with editable vector graphics.

Persona - Creative Powerpoint Template

Persona PowerPoint template comes with a colorful design that will instantly grab the attention of your audience and clients. The template includes a total of 150 slides and allows you to choose from 5 different pre-made color schemes for creating different kinds of presentations.

NOYA - Modern Powerpoint Template

Noya is a modern PowerPoint template that is most suitable for creating presentations for fashion brands and design agencies. The template includes more than 70 unique slides with fully editable designs and lots of vector elements.

RUNDO - MInimal & Creative Template

Rundo is a unique PowerPoint template featuring clean and creative slide designs. The template comes with 70 unique slides that include infographics, charts, graphs, icons, and much more. You can use this template to create many types of creative presentations.

MAON - Vertical PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint presentation template comes with a stylish vertical design. The template lets you choose from 70 unique slides to create simple and clean presentations filled with images. The slides also have image placeholders for easier photo placements.

Bravo - Clean Powerpoint Template

Bravo is a colorful and creative PowerPoint template featuring unique slides filled with beautiful shapes and designs. The template includes 50 unique slides with easily editable colors, shapes, and lots of vector elements.

Color FUN - Powerpoint Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a colorful design that’s perfect for creating slideshows for design, user experience, and other creative presentations. It includes more than 50 unique slides with vector graphics, shapes, icons, and other elements.

Arty - Minimal Powerpoint Template

Arty comes with a clean and simple design. It features 50 unique slides with multipurpose designs. Which means you’ll be able to use this template to create all kinds of business and creative slideshow presentations.

GREY - Simple Powerpoint Template

Grey is a highly professional and creative PowerPoint template that comes with over 50 unique slides. It has a clean and unusual design style that will help you get your audience’s attention without any effort. The template also includes lots of 3D graphics and vector elements as well.

Dione - Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Dione features a very simple design. The template includes 80 unique slides with each slide featuring clean clutter-free designs for effectively highlighting your content. It’s also available in 3 different color schemes.

Rhea - Simple PowerPoint Presentation Template

Rhea is yet another minimalist PowerPoint template that comes with 40 unique slides. It features lots of editable charts, vector elements, and icons. You’ll also be able to choose slides from 4 different colors.

Power - Creative Powerpoint Template

Power has a minimalist and a modern slide design unlike any other PowerPoint template in this collection. It’s perfect for creating both business and professional slideshows. The template includes 129 unique slides.

Balance - Clean Powerpoint Template

Balance PowerPoint template comes with a clean design with simple slide layouts. All of the slides feature editable shapes and vector elements. The template comes with 145 unique slides.

SPACE - Minimal & Simple Powerpoint Template

Space is a beautifully clean and simple PowerPoint template that comes with more than 100 unique slides featuring lots of white space and clutter-free design. The template includes editable charts, image galleries, infographics, and much more.

PATTERN - Modern Powerpoint Template

Pattern PowerPoint template comes with 81 unique slides and every slide in the template features a simple and modern design that will help you capture the attention of your audience. The template also features 40 curated colors and lots of vector shapes, graphics, and elements.

RAVI - Creative PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with 100 unique slides. Each slide in the template features a unique and colorful design. The template also includes lots of charts, graphs, infographics, icons, and more.

Crystal - Clean PowerPoint Template

Crystal is a modern PowerPoint template featuring clean and simple designs. The template includes 30 unique slides, resizable graphics, shapes, and lots of other vector elements.

4 Tips for Creating a Simple Presentation

In order to create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimal design, you’ll have to follow a few rules. Here are the top tips for making an effective PowerPoint slideshow with a clutter-free design.

1. Use Lots Of White Space

If there’s one thing you’ll notice in all minimal designs is how they all use white space to highlight the core content of the design. Putting any type of content in a large white canvas gives them the center stage of the design. It simply works.

Don’t be afraid to use lots of white space in your PowerPoint slideshows. It will help highlight even the tiniest text paragraphs in your presentations and attract more eyeballs from the audience and offer a distraction-free user experience.

2. Add Large Images

The use of images or graphical shapes is the second key element of minimal design. Especially when it comes to PowerPoint slideshows, images can be used to highlight a key point in your presentation even without the use of words.

However, be mindful when choosing images for a minimalist PowerPoint presentation. Images with vibrant colors or adding multiple images alongside important text descriptions could end up making the slide distracting.

3. Plan Your Content Arrangement

The size of your text titles, alignment of the images, the use of icons, and creating a different content layout for each slide is the next important aspect of making a PowerPoint presentation.

If you want to design a simple and clutter-free slideshow, then you should plan your designs accordingly to get rid of unnecessary elements, edit paragraphs to cut out boring sentences, and to include only the essentials in each slide of your presentation.

4. Use Only A Few Colors

Using more than 2 or 3 colors is not acceptable when you’re using a minimal design for a PowerPoint presentation. Using colors that are too vibrant could also harm the overall simple look of your design as well.

Choose the colors carefully for each element of your presentation design.

Of course, you won’t have to worry about any of these when using pre-made PowerPoint templates designed by professionals.

For more beautiful templates, check out our collection of the best PowerPoint templates of the year!

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