50+ Best Space Fonts (Free & Pro) 2022

Voyager Modern Space Font

Voyager is one of the most creative space fonts on our list. It features a design with a mix of both modern and retro elements that pays homage to Voyager 1.

The sans-serif font includes alternate characters, multilingual support, and more. It’s great for crafting tech-related logos, business cards, and posters.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The elegant modern-vintage design makes this font one of the best choices for crafting all kinds of space-themed designs. The font also lets you choose from 2 different weights as well.

SPACE EXPLORER - Futuristic Font

This is the perfect font for crafting big bold titles for posters and banners. It features a stylish space-themed letter design with a futuristic look and feel. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Cosmogen – Space Futuristic Font

Cosmogen is a retro-inspired space font with a beautiful letter design. This font is perfect for everything from YouTube video titles to website headers, CD covers, and more. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters with multilingual support.

MBF Space - Modern Space Font

At first glance, this font will remind you of a title scene from a futuristic movie or a logo from a luxury brand. That’s exactly what this font is made for. You can use it to craft headings and titles with a bold and refreshing look. It includes all-caps letters.

Starburst - A Space Futuristic Font

Startburst is a futuristic space font that combines elements from retro designs to give it a very unique look. This font is great for casual and fun designs, including posters, flyers, and even custom T-shirts.

Square Space - Free Space Font

This free font comes with a creative square-shaped letter design. It’s great for crafting big titles for YouTube thumbnails, flyers, and social media posts. The font is free to use with personal projects.

The Space - Fun Kids Font

This is a Silhouette font that comes with space-themed letter designs. It has fun and creative characters scattered all over its letters, making it a great choice for crafting all things related to children.

Space Armada - Retro Sci-Fi Font

If you’re a fan of old-school retro space games from the 1990s, this font is made just for you. It features a cool retro-space style letter design with plenty of ways to experiment with various styles of textures and colors.

Return Space - Stylish Futuristic Font

A creative and futuristic space-themed font for modern design projects. This font features a unique design that’s ideal for various branding designs. It includes lots of ligatures and alternate characters as well.

Space 51 - Simple & Clean Space Font

This space-themed font is perfect for everything from logo design to stationery designs. It features clean and simple letters with a minimalist approach. The font also comes in light, regular, and bold weights.

BLANK SPACE - Free Thick Space Font

The big bold letter design of this font makes it a great choice for crafting giant titles for your design projects. It has a cool retro vibe to it as well. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Lost in space- futuristic font

Lost In Space is a vintage geometric typeface that will give a distinct look to your branding designs. The font is captivating enough to instantly catch the readers’ attention, and keep it there. It comes with western European multilingual support.

Polaris space font

An excellent contender for your cash, Polaris is a space typeface with alternate letters. Polaris features a minimal design perfectly fitting to a pool of branding projects, hence we recommend you give it a shot or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Scarlex - Retro Space Font

Scarlex is a retro-themed font with a classic space-style letter design. This font is inspired by the typography designs from the sci-fi films from the 1960s. And it comes with a set of beautiful all-caps letters that will make your designs look one of a kind.

space font

Say hello to Eternals, a bold and powerful typeface that oozes with the lure of futuristic space technology. Whether you need a font style for your upcoming space-themed game, movie, or music video, Eternals is well worth checking out.

space font

Fancy a modern and futuristic font with unique lowercase? Spaced is a sans-serif typeface that will add extra pizzaz to your designs, without compromising on the readability. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters that you can mix and match as per your requirement, tons of glyphs, special alternates, and ligatures.

space font

Space Nomad is an impressive font choice for science segmented projects from posters, and magazines to movie titles, and YouTube covers. If you’re wanting to get your hands on a cool, futuristic font, Space Nomad is the one you should go for.

space font

When it comes to the best free space-themed fonts, Quantum is at the top of the league. An excellent choice for sci-fi, and futuristic designs, Quantum will surely take your logos, headlines, and other brand identity projects to a whole new level.

If you are looking for something truly spectacular, take a leap of faith in Terebaang, a geometric space font perfect for posters, logos, and high-end article headlines. The font reflects both modern technology and a futuristic style.

Stargaze is a stunning space font that features a retro-futuristic design. The font also comes with letters that include both sharp and rounded corners. The big bold design makes this font perfect for everything from website design to movie posters, flyers, T-shirt design and more.

Wanting a contemporary space font with a futuristic taste? Check out this space silhouette font that is hard to pass up. A font that can be put to use for virtually any purpose under the sun, all thanks to its versatile design aesthetic.

Astron - Free Sci-Fi Space Font

Astron is a completely free space font you can use with both your personal and commercial projects. The font includes 3 different weights as well as numbers and punctuations.

If you’re looking for something eye-catching, you should definitely check out Aero Space, a modern, professional display font providing a range of options and a unique look that you’ll be hard-pressed to not consider.

Featuring luxurious lines and unique alternative characters, Exodus is a space font that will have you enjoy a lot of creative freedom in your hand. The best part? You can get this stellar font without spending a penny.

Create something totally magical with Space Surfer, a bold, modern display font that can be easily customized to your liking. It’s available for free download and is great for both print or digital artworks.

Centauri is an all-caps font for the minimalists. It features a consistent design with wide spaced letters and comes with alternate letters and numbers as well. This font can be used to craft attractive covers for sci-fi novels and big posters.

Young Moon Creative Space Font

If you’re working on a creative design or kid-friendly design, this beautiful space font is perfect for you. It features a stylish hand-drawn creative style that will add a unique personal touch to your designs.


If you’re looking for a space typeface that packs a powerful punch, Mavis is a solid candidate. It features an incredibly unique design with thin strokes and distinctive cuts. The font is not just beautiful but also legible; no wonder it’s one of our favorite picks when it comes to the best space fonts available on the market at this time.

Free Halfomania Sans Serif Font

Halfomania is a free space font

Young Moon Creative Space Font
Spacewell - Space Font Family

Spacewell is a family of fonts that feature a stylish space-themed design. The font also comes in 3 different styles, including inline, shadow, and clean. It also includes multilingual support.

MADE Evolve Sans - Free Space Font

Made Evolve is a stylish and futuristic font featuring a space design. This font is available in multiple font weights and styles. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Effort - Free High-Tech Space Font

Effort is another modern font featuring a futuristic design. This font is most suitable for technology and creative projects. The free version is only available for personal projects.

Derelict is a font that will remind you of space expeditions and futuristic movies. The font comes in both rough and clean designs for using it with various designs such as logos, social media posts, and posters. It also includes a web font version as well.

space font

Designed by Alejo Bergmann, Potra is an all-caps display font that will add ornamental decor to your space-themed projects. It works on both Mac and PC and can be used for free for both personal and commercial projects. How amazing is that now?

This is a 2-in-1 bundle that comes with two different types of fonts, script font and sans font, featuring the same design. The font has a retro design with a space vibe, which makes it ideal for designing posters, T-shirt designs, greeting cards, and banners.

No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find a good space font, this font comes with a familiar design that all sci-fi movie fans will instantly fall in love with. Inspired by the Star Wars movies, this font features that same 80’s space look and feel for adding a retro effect to your design projects.

At first glance, this font will give you a space horror vibe similar to the Alien movies. Helios is an all-caps font that features both rounded and normal corner designs along with alternate letters. It also comes with a web font version as well.

Lauronos is a space font that features a classic design that you often see in space-themed movies from the early 70’s. It features both uppercase and lowercase letters and also includes 21 alternate characters and 25 glyphs as well.

Efesto - Free Minimal Space Font

Efesto is a minimal space font. It features a subtle space-horror style design that makes it a great choice for designing both movie posters and other technology-themed designs.

Primal is a sci-fi horror themed font that features a bold and wide letter design. It’s perfect for designing a modern logo, signage, business card, and posters. The font also includes multilingual letters and alternate versions of some of its letters.

This is an experimental typeface with a bold and an unusual decorative design. The unique design of the letters makes this font certainly one of a kind. It’s ideal for crafting a poster or a website header.

Bastille is a futuristic font that features a design inspired by the Blade Runner movies. It comes in both regular and italic styles. The font is suitable for designing movie posters, book covers, logos, T-Shirt designs and much more.

Dreamscape is a stunning font with a unique design, which is best for all kinds of designs from website headers to music album covers, quote posts, banners, and more. The font comes in two styles as well.

This is a font that comes with a design that’s truly out of this world. It will definitely make your text look as if it’s written in a weird alien language. Ichiji is a font that guaranteed to give your designs a unique look and feel.

Space - Free Geometric Font

This free space font has a unique geometric-based design. It includes all-caps letters and numbers as well. It’s completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Kidspace - Free Playful Space Font

If you’re working on a design for children, this free font will help you add a sense of playfulness and creativity to your design. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Light City - Free Modern Space Font

Light City is a modern font that features a simple and clean design. It’s ideal for both professional and creative projects.

Freeline is a modern monogram font that also features a space-themed design. You can use it with various types of design projects from logo designs to website headers, banners, print design, and more. It also includes a web font version as well.

LineTech is a web font that comes with a futuristic design. It comes in three different versions: Bold, Regular, and Light. This font is perfect for crafting a website call to action with a unique headline.

Cosmodrome is a space-themed script font that also includes a web font version. The handwritten style design makes it ideal for designing signatures type logos and making T-shirt designs.

Astronova font comes with both a modern and a space-themed design that gives out a retro vibe. It’s available in both regular and italic styles. It can be used to design retro-themed album covers, posters, flyers, and logos as well.

A modern all-caps font for designing logos, signage, blog headers, and social media posts. Azidhor comes with 24 alternate characters and 40 glyphs. As a bonus, the font pack also comes with 9 pre-designed logo vectors as well.

This attractive font features a futuristic space-themed design that makes it perfect for luxury brands and high-end product based designs. According to its designer, the font is best used with silver or gold foil based designs. The font pack also comes with 15 free stock photos to use with your designs.

Nemesis is a futuristic font that comes with an unusual design. It’s best for using with your poster and banner designs to attract more attention. The font comes in 4 different styles: regular, regular grunge, inline, and inline grunge.

Luna is a serif font you can use to design posters, website headers, greeting cards, and social media posts. The font supports both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Autorich is a modern sans-serif font that features a design that gives out a space vibe. The font comes packed complete with alternate letters, ligatures, figures, symbols, and more. It’s best for creating a unique brand identity for a modern company.

Vision is a geometric display sans font that features a unique and futuristic design. It comes in both regular and bold styles. The font is perfect for creating logo designs, website headers, and branding work.

Exodar - Futuristic Space Font

Exodar is a creative outline font that also comes with a space design. The font also supports both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numerals and punctuations.

For more great fonts, be sure to browse our poster fonts and hand lettering fonts collections as well.

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