SVG Loading Animations

Nobody likes to wait for your web page to load, so of course we want to make the time go by easier with animation. In this post we have provided you with some examples and code for ways to do this via SVG loading animations. Have a look and start using them in your projects today!

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SVG Loader Animation

Here are 10 different examples, from the simple to the more complex.

See the Pen SVG Loader Animation by Nikhil Krishnan (@nikhil8krishnan)
on CodePen.0

Animated – SVG Loader

A clever change of pace from the rotating circle, this animation combines multiple circles rotating back and forth.

See the Pen Animated – SVG Loader by Steven Roberts (@matchboxhero)
on CodePen.0

SVG Page Load Animations

Three of the more typical, simple loading animations.

See the Pen SVG Page Load Animations by Bridget Reed (@BridgetCReed)
on CodePen.0

SVG Loader

Here’s a complex, very specific loader that you could use all or parts of to make it your own.

See the Pen SVG Loader by Swarup Kumar Kuila (@uiswarup)
on CodePen.0

Animated SVG Loader

This is a fun, somewhat mesmerizing loader with several moving parts.

See the Pen Animated SVG Loader by Tony (@thgaskell)
on CodePen.0

Electric SVG Loader

Very different from the flatter animations, here’s an electric rotating ring.

See the Pen Electric SVG Loader by Shaw (@shshaw)
on CodePen.0

CSS3 + SVG loader animation

A cute cartoon plane flying through the clouds while the page loads.

See the Pen CSS3 + SVG loader animation by lionelB (@lionelB)
on CodePen.0

SVG ∞ loader (no JS, cross-browser, minimal code)

A literally infinite animation.

See the Pen SVG ∞ loader (no JS, cross-browser, minimal code) by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino)
on CodePen.0

UXBOX pencil loader

Here’s another change of pace from the norm – a rotating pencil!

See the Pen UXBOX pencil loader by elhombretecla (@elhombretecla)
on CodePen.0

SVG Spinner / Loader

A clever combination of the word loading and a circle spinner.

See the Pen SVG Spinner / Loader by Marcus Hall (@flurrd)
on CodePen.0

Animated Gradient SVG Loader

Another very specific animation that you can use for inspiration or edit to make it your own.

See the Pen Animated Gradient SVG Loader by Paul Thomas (@motionimaging)
on CodePen.0

Triangle SVG Loader (pure css)

For our last example we have a simple single line triangle loader.

See the Pen Triangle SVG Loader (pure css) by Dominic Kolbe (@dominickolbe)
on CodePen.0

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