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Marketing Podcast with John Cantarella

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview John Cantarella. John is the VP of Community & Impact Partnerships at Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook, he was the president of Digital, News, Business, and Sports Properties at Time Inc. where he oversaw TIME.com, CNNMoney.com, Fortune.com, SI.com, and Golf.com. John also spent several years at The New York Times Company at NYTimes.com running strategy, marketing, and operations.  He was part of the management team that was instrumental in launching NYTimes.com’s first digital paid product and the acquisition of About.com.

Key Takeaway:

Building a community creates a space to engage with clients, advise potential clients, and help people who want support, encouragement, and a place to share and connect. If you’re a brand, business, coach, consultant, course creator, author, expert, or speaker, cultivating a community of raving fans will get you results and impact your bottom line.

In this episode, I talk with the VP of Community & Impact Partnerships at Facebook, John Cantarella, about how to leverage Facebook for businesses of all kinds to build groups, communities, and raving fans to fuel your growth.

Questions I ask John Cantarella:

  • [2:19] How has the business use of Facebook evolved from those early days to where we are today?
  • [4:15] How complex has Facebook become since the early days?
  • [5:40] Why do you think Facebook has such a hold on businesses for creating groups and communities when there are other tools where you can do the same kind of thing?
  • [7:58] What are some other places along the customer journey that you think groups or communities fit that maybe people aren’t thinking of?
  • [12:31] What are the best practices to really stimulate, grow and keep a very engaged community?
  • [14:55] Say I build this 80,000-person community with great tools and a great community, but I don’t really own it, and it’s on somebody else’s platform — how do you address that?
  • [16:44] I have a lot of listeners who own traditional local businesses, so they have real geographic constraints just by nature of the model of their business. Are there ways that you’ve seen local businesses use this in a way that might effectively drive revenue?
  • [19:23] What’s next for businesses on Facebook?
  • [22:24] Retention and recruitment have become really hot right now for a lot of organizations – what role can community play?
  • [24:13] What resources do you want to share with listeners?

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