How to Get Sound on Reddit

Users can upload videos to the Reddit app as long as the community allows. Doing this is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is touch the + icon on the screen. Then select the video from your gallery that you want to share with your community. But that is not the main problem here. The main problem is that sometimes the videos that you or others upload have no sound. For example, when you expand a video to watch it, the sound of the video is muted. It is Reddit’s default setting. If the video has sound, it’ll be enough to touch the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen to turn on the sound. If you still can’t get sound from the video, then it means there is a problem. So, let’s take a closer look at the Reddit sound problem now.

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Reddit Video Sound Issue

Under normal circumstances, clicking on the speaker icon should be enough to unmute the video. However, many users get the error message that the video has no sound when they click on this icon. It is extremely important to solve this issue especially before planning to buy Reddit upvotes as upvotes help you highlight your posts. Users encounter Reddit sound errors in two situations. First, this might actually mean that the video doesn’t have an audio file to play. As you can see, this has nothing to do with the Reddit no sound error. However, there are many cases where this error does not mean that the video does not have an audio file to play. So, where are Reddit users most likely to encounter this situation?

no sound on Reddit

no sound on Reddit

Users are most likely facing this type of issue while watching videos in an NSFW community. Because the platform automatically mutes the videos that users watch here. So, why is Reddit doing this? Reddit does this because the video contains adult content. Reddit marks videos with such content as NSFW. Thus, it automatically mutes the video. However, this does not mean that the original video does not have an audio file to play. However, it is also possible for users to watch such videos with audio. Let’s explain step by step how you can solve this problem.

Step by Step Guide to Get Sound on Reddit App

  • For this, first, visit the desktop version of Reddit.
  • Log in to your account by entering your username and password.
log in to Reddit

log in to Reddit

  • Now, go to account settings and enable adult content. To view NSFW communities and to activate video sound, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the menu icon on the app screen.
  2. First, click on the Settings option. Then select the account settings option.
  3. You can find the adult content option under the feed settings.
  4. You can activate it by clicking the round white sign next to the adult content option.
nsfw switch

nsfw switch

  • If you have enabled adult content on the desktop version, now take your mobile device with the app installed.
  • Download the Apollo app on this device. If you are using an android device, you should download the Sync app from Google Play.
apollo app

apollo app

  • Then, log in to this app with your Reddit account.
  • Find the video you want to watch with audio on the platform and expand it.
  • Finally, click on the speaker icon as you do to unmute standard videos.

What Is the Apollo App?

Apollo is actually a Reddit client. Many users describe it as the best Reddit app for iOS devices. The goal of the app is to simplify the complex nature of the platform, making it more accessible to iOS users. To put it more clearly, we may define it as a well-designed social feed app for iOS users. The app has a good design as well as it is quite modern and fast. It allows users to browse Reddit more quickly. The most important factor that enables it to do this is its powerful features. One of these features is the Jump Bar. This feature will directly open the search bar, which will allow you to jump from any subreddit to another with one click. Another important feature is the customizable gestures. On the other hand, the supercharged media viewer provides Reddit users with a best-in-class media viewing experience.
There is a fact that makes Apollo such an excellent app for Reddit. The app has been developed specifically according to iOS design guidelines. The app has a tabbed interface to provide users with a more effortless navigation experience on the platform. It also has a Safari View Controller that will make it easy to browse both links and articles.

Reddit-specific features of Apollo

  • Security measures such as passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID
  • 3D Touch support
  • Personalized Moderator Feature
  • GIF scrubbing
  • Ability to use with multiple accounts
  • Full Markdown rendering

The most important thing that makes Apollo so popular is its price. It is quite affordable compared to the features it offers. For users who subscribe with a monthly tariff, the price is only 1 dollar per month. However, users may also subscribe to the app with an annual plan. In this case, the annual fee they will pay is 10 dollars in total at once.

What Is Sync for Reddit?

sync for reddit

sync for reddit

Sync is an app specially developed for Reddit. Although it offers the same functionality as Apollo, it is only suitable for Android devices instead of iOS. It is a full-featured app that allows users to navigate Reddit easily. Users refer to Sync as the only Android app that offers the most up-to-date and the best Reddit browsing experience.

Reddit-specific features of Sync

  • Security measures at the login
  • Commenting on other users’ posts
  • Messaging with other users
  • Its user interface has many customizable options.
  • Cards provide previews for images, videos, and self-texts.
  • It is the best-performing Android app for Reddit.
  • It has the best in class image viewer.
  • Ability to use with multiple accounts
  • Subreddit sync and multireddit sync

One of the most popular features of the Sync app is its advanced post editor with built-in editing options. The security measures of the app are OAuth supported. It also has some special services for Reddit Gold users. One of them is to sync your reading posts between your desktop and mobile devices. AMOLED support makes the night theme more pleasant. At the same time, users can activate color-coded comments, making browsing the platform even faster. The app has many more advantages compared to Apollo. For example, Sync has a built-in photo upload feature. That allows you to share new posts without leaving Sync.


FAQs About How to Get Sound on Reddit

Why do NSFW videos always start muted?

Because the default setting for these Reddit videos is muted. After expanding the video, you can turn on the sound of the video by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom.

What do NSFW videos mean?

These are adult videos. That is actually the reason why Reddit starts these videos as silent by default.

I cannot enable adult videos via Reddit app settings. What is the reason for this?

To enable adult videos, you need to change the Reddit settings from the desktop version. You can use Safari or Google Chrome browsers for this process.

What apps can I use to watch adult videos on Reddit with sound?

For mobile devices with an iOS operating system, you can use the app called Apollo. The best app you can use for mobile devices running the Android operating system is Sync.

Can I change the default settings of the Reddit video player?

It is also possible to do this through the desktop version of Reddit.

How to Get Sound on Reddit, In Short

Reddit platform hosts millions of active users every day. That means these active users watch millions of minutes of videos on the platform every day. But most of us have faced the famous Reddit sound issue while watching videos on this platform. In this article, we have explained to you what kind of reasons may cause the Reddit sound problem. We have also prepared a step-by-step guide on how to fix this problem. Besides, we have introduced two apps, one for iOS and one for android devices, to help you solve this problem. We hope that you will not experience any Reddit sound problems again.

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