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Marketing Podcast with Rune Hauge

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Rune Hauge. Rune is the co-founder and CEO of Mentorcam, a marketplace where people can access high-profile mentors for 1:1 advice.

Key Takeaway:

Having access to an expert in your field can help you get to where you want to go faster. However, getting access to great mentors today is often difficult. Mentorcam is changing the game by making it easy and seamless for you to do just that. The platform connects people to the mentors they admire for personalized advice and mentorship.

In this episode, I talk with the co-founder and CEO of Mentorcam, Rune Hauge, about how he’s redefining mentorship by making it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to expert advice and support.

Questions I ask Rune Hauge:

  • [1:11] You’ve got a fairly legitimate entrepreneurial journey behind you before MentorCamp. Could you share a little bit about your various adventures?
  • [2:30] What are the good things, the hard things, and the easy things about building a tech startup?
  • [4:17] Where did the idea for MentorCam come from, and what made you think that there was a need for it?
  • [5:31] You talked about this idea of iterating, changing and being open to like what the market tells you. What have you learned along the way that has caused you to alter your path?
  • [7:05] You’ve got a marketplace model – in some ways, you actually have to create your product and your buyer. Is that an additional challenge?
  • [9:26] Would you say you are redefining mentorship?
  • [10:34] Who makes a good mentor for your platform?
  • [11:27] As a mentee, what are the best practices for getting the most out of your mentor?
  • [12:44] Have you begun to study any kind of outcomes? Are people seeing success from getting this kind of mentorship and support?
  • [13:39] Can you give us a gauge of the size of your platform today?
  • [14:22] Where do you see this going five years from now, and do you see this as something that is a standard business practice by people that are getting started?
  • [15:40] If I want to engage a mentor, how does the process work?
  • [16:48] Could you share what I can expect to pay for something like this?
  • [18:10] Is there anything else you want to share if people want to connect or find out more about your work?

More About Rune Hauge:

  • Learn more about Rune’s company — MentorCam

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