Finding Your Fire And Igniting Change

Marketing Podcast with Terri Broussard Williams

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Terri Broussard Williams. Terri is an executive with 20 years of experience specializing in government relations, social impact strategy, corporate social responsibility, public affairs, and innovative business operations to further the organizational mission. She’s also the author of a book: Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker in You.

Key Takeaway:

Terri Broussard Williams defines a ‘fire starter’ as someone that sees things that others ignore and they take the first step to create change. In this episode, Terri and I dive into concepts from her new book Find Your Fire. We talk about what it takes to ignite change within us and turn moments into movements.

Questions I ask Terri Broussard Williams:

  • [1:15] What is a firestarter and a change-maker?
  • [1:44] Do you try to live your life as a fire starter?
  • [2:44] Do you have a Firestarter story that lit this flame for you?
  • [4:57] Who are the kinds of people we’re going to meet in Find Your Fire?
  • [6:19] Was there any particular story or individual that you got to know through this process that you found the most inspirational?
  • [9:06] Was a through-line in a lot of these stories is something dramatic had to happen?
  • [11:01] Can you talk a little bit about the framework of the Movement Maker Collective and what you hope to accomplish with it?
  • [12:15] Is the goal of your work to help people launch in the social impact space?
  • [13:08] Did you see a change in the appetite for people who believe now’s the time because they’ve been forced to change?
  • [14:38] Where can people find your book and more about the work that you do?

More About Terri Broussard Williams:

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