The Human Mind And What Drives Our Decisions

Marketing Podcast with Michael Liebowitz



In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Michael Liebowitz. Michael is the CEO of Magnetic Mind Studio. Magnetic Mind Studio is a laboratory for clear messaging and deeply felt value articulation founded from Michael’s passion for understanding how the human mind works to drive our decisions.

Key Takeaway:

Being able to effectively communicate your value and connect with your audience starts with understanding how and why people make decisions the way we do. The truth is: people don’t want your thing; they want what your thing means to them. In this episode, I talk with Michael Liebowitz about how the human mind works to drive our decisions, and how we can align our messages with how the brain is wired to feel trust.

Questions I ask Michael Liebowitz:

  • [1:23] Can you talk about the basis of your work around the idea that survival is a key driver for decision-making?
  • [3:01] Is the human survival decision you’re referring to “I have to feel like you like me” or “I have to feel like you understand me”?
  • [3:29] We obviously make far fewer life and death decisions today in comparison to the ancestors that you’ve referenced – so why haven’t our brains evolved?
  • [6:10] Does this idea suggest that our marketing should become more tribal in our communication, messaging, design, etc.?
  • [7:33] A line on your website says – People don’t want your thing. They want what your thing means to them. So how do we make that distinction?
  • [10:33] So at what point does the approach of influence turn from being truthful and authentic to manipulation?
  • [12:20] What kind of messages are the best at creating that attraction and desire that you’re talking about?
  • [17:50] Oftentimes the main outcome of what people desire isn’t what they say it is or we make assumptions about what it is – how do you know or uncover the main outcome of what people are after?
  • [20:59] How can people find out more about your work and your masterclass workshop?

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