How Operations Can Be Used As A Lever For Compound Growth

Marketing Podcast with Jhana Li

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jhana Li. Jhana has over 4 years of experience as a COO and Operations Consultant for digital entrepreneurs. She specializes in executing scalable team, systems infrastructure, and harnessing the true power of operations as a lever for compound growth.

Key Takeaway:

Today, operations is an underutilized lever for growth. Operations is any task or action required within a business to optimize its use of its core resources – time, energy, money, and human potential. In this episode, I talk with Operations Consultant, Jhana Li, about how to harness the power of operations, cultivate a company culture in a way that supports both the individual and an organization’s growth, and create systems and processes for all parts of the business.

Questions I ask Jhana Li:

  • [1:25] What’s your definition of operations when you’re talking to a business owner?
  • [2:41] Does operations still exist as its own department today, and how has the operations department changed?
  • [5:12] What are some things that people are doing to develop their company culture with distributed teams?
  • [10:12] How does a business balance outsourcing talent and hiring freelancers while maintaining and building their team culture?
  • [12:59] Is there a breaking point where having an internal team works better than someone orchestrating a lot of external members?
  • [14:55] How do you operationalize this idea of creating systems and processes for all parts of the business?
  • [17:17] How do you invite innovation when you delegate processes?
  • [20:15] How do you engage with folks with the work that you do?
  • [21:25] How would you define an operator?
  • [22:48] Can this operator or person run a company, or does a company need somebody who has strategic vision as more of their zone of genius?

More About Jhana Li:

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