Why Publishing A Book Helps Build Your Credibility

Marketing Podcast with Michael DeLon

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Michael DeLon. Michael is a Credibility Marketing Expert who helps business owners publish a book that positions them as an expert in their field. He’s also the author of On Marketing: The Definitive Guide for Small Business Owners.

Key Takeaway:

Building credibility as an expert in your field is an essential component to reaching new audiences and attracting new customers and clients. If you want to build your credibility, publishing a book is a way to do just that. In this episode, I talk with Michael DeLon about how publishing your own book helps you not only demonstrate your expertise but also differentiate yourself from your competition.

Questions I ask Michael DeLon:

  • [1:16] What has your journey to becoming a credibility marketing expert looked like?
  • [4:04] What is credibility marketing?
  • [5:35] A lot of people are self-proclaimed experts, self-proclaimed thought leaders – so who gets to decide if you’re credible or an expert?
  • [8:05] Is there something unique about the market or the way people buy today that makes credibility even more important?
  • [12:34] What makes a book a significant tool or significant channel over and above something like just doing video on LinkedIn?
  • [13:48] If you’ve got a decent idea, is there a formula to help people turn that into a book?
  • [15:01] Are you starting to see that this is a tactic that can actually work for people that might have the mindset that no one would want to read a book by them?
  • [16:03] Most authors and speakers have a book nowadays – but what are your thoughts on someone like a remodeling contractor that could write a book on ways to make your home suitable for your family? Wouldn’t that be a big differentiator?
  •  [19:00] What’s your favorite book project that you’ve done, and what impact did it have on that person or business?
  • [21:56] Where can people find out more about your programs and your latest coaching program?

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