Telegram: What it is and how to use it

There are many reasons for you to consider using Telegram as your instant messaging app of choice. Telegram is also cross-platform, meaning you can send media across multiple platforms, for example, mobile to PC. Since Telegram started in 2013, it has struggled to break into the social media industry in the same way as WhatsApp and other messaging apps have managed. The key features for Telegram include; voice and video calling, group messaging, individual chat, and social networking. Other vital features include many privacy features, multiple customization options, and a company focus on data security.

Telegram’s Industry-Leading Messaging Features

Telegram is ahead of many of its competitors regarding features on offer. Obviously, the essential feature is still the one-to-one chats as this is the feature that most people use instant messaging apps to gain access to. Telegram’s one-to-one messaging works the same way as SMS and DM in other messaging apps. However, there are a few extra features that you don’t find in many other messaging apps. Here are some of Telegrams bonus features:

  • Editing messages
  • Deleting messages
  • Multimedia messaging
  • A great amount of stickers

Let’s see how these features work in detail;

editing messages Telegram

Editing Messages

Editing messages after you’ve sent them without needing a follow-up message or deleting the sent message is a great plus. By allowing you to edit messages, Telegram saves you from embarrassing mistakes by quickly letting you edit the message to fix them. Only a few messenger apps have this feature, and they are for the more work-based audiences, such as Teams and Slack.

deleting messages

Deleting Messages

Allowing you to delete messages for both you and the recipient. In addition to this, you can also delete messages another user sends you from both sides. Many messaging apps now allow you to delete messages you send to others from both sides. However, you can’t delete messages you have received from both sides.

voice messages

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia messaging enables users to send an unlimited number of one-minute videos or voice messages to other users. If you need longer than the single allotted minute, you can always record a longer message and upload it as independent media.

Telegram stickers

A Great Amount of Stickers

A selection of more than 20,000 animated stickers to convey emotion and meaning alongside your messages. These have become a standard on messaging applications recently. But the volume offered by Telegram has yet to be matched by a competitor.

Extra Features for Long-Distance Friends and Family

Being separated from friends and family can lead to losing valuable connections. However, Telegram has some incredibly beneficial features to make contacting easy no matter how far apart or which timezones you are in. You can find some crucial benefits of Telegram below;

schedule a message

  • You can schedule messages. Scheduling a reminder message to a forgetful friend at the right time is a very convenient feature. Scheduling messages makes it incredibly easy to write a message when you are thinking about it. Schedule it to send later and think no more. Or, if you are in a meeting, you can schedule an important message to send while you are busy with work.
  • Silent messages are another incredibly handy feature. Imagine you have a family member located in a different time zone, and you want to let them know that they’ve been on your mind. You can send a silent message which won’t send them a notification until they next open the app. So you don’t have to worry about the time when you send friends and family around the globe messages.
  • File size limits are much larger than other messaging apps. For example, Telegram documents, videos, or other media can be up to 2GB. As an example for the size contrast, Gmail limits media to only 25MB. You can send larger video messages to your loved ones no matter where they are.

Discover Things with Channels

Channels are a form of a social network similar to the feed on Twitter, but with much greater versatility. Telegram, unlike Twitter, doesn’t impose a character limit on single posts. Telegram channel posts can also feature images, links, and other media. You can add comment sections, URL buttons, and custom reaction emojis with bots. All of your channel posts appear in your subscribers’ chat feeds, enabling them to scroll through your posts without any algorithm reordering things. Telegram has the best channels you can find in any chatting app.

Telegram Chat Groups

Of course, Telegram offers a few extra benefits for chat groups as well. Chat groups can have up to 200,000 members, and you can advertise the chat group via Telegram channels. When chat groups get that large, it is especially challenging to get any value because too many people are talking at once. Fortunately, Telegram offers admins the chance to convert the group into an unlimited broadcast one which only allows admins to post things. Admins of groups of any size have special abilities available to them, for example, assigning specific responsibilities to different members, analyzing group analytics, and the ability to post anonymously as only the group name rather than an individual’s name.

Telegram Software Availability

It doesn’t matter much about your choice of device or operating system because Telegram has ensured that they cater to you no matter what. Native apps are available for most desktop, tablet, or mobile platforms, such as Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Additionally, Telegram is also available as a browser-based application on the off chance you don’t have access to any of the other platforms their app runs on. The browser version of Telegram is also helpful for accessing the app if you are not close to any device with Telegram installed or if you can’t access your devices at work.

Telegram Security

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram doesn’t give all your contacts access to your mobile number. Even though Telegram requires your mobile number upon sign up, other users do not have access to this information. Instead, you chat to users and add contacts through a username. Telegram is much more secure than other instant messaging apps using a username instead of a mobile number. You can chat with people without revealing your personal information, such as your mobile number. However, if you sync your contacts, any users already on Telegram will receive a notification that you have joined unless you turn this feature off first.

Telegram privacy

Telegram also allows you to import chat history from other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, or Line, which means you can keep access to your chat history with a single app. Since Facebook took over WhatsApp, many new instant messaging services have appeared. Telegram won over the most users from WhatsApp and has had the most success as an alternative to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

FAQs on Using Telegram App

Is Telegram a chat app?

Yes, it is. However, Telegram has a stronger focus on security than Facebook and WhatsApp, so your mobile number does not get shared with anyone or third parties. Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe when they get transferred across third parties to the recipients.

What are the dangers of Telegram?

People join Telegram to be able to send private and secure messages. There can be a privacy violation if you sync your contacts when you join because this sends a new user notification to any contacts you have already using the app.

What are the advantages of Telegram?

End-to-end encryption when using the secret chat mode.
Self-destructing messages that delete themselves after a set time has elapsed.
Large file sizes are supported.
Silent messages.
Scheduled messages.
And plenty more features that make Telegram a combination of an instant messaging app and social media platform.

Can your phone be hacked through Telegram?

Telegram markets itself as a provider of secure instant messaging. However, it also allows you to sign in to your Telegram account in multiple places across many different devices. If you forget you are signed in on a device and lose it, you can have your account abused by a third party. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can view all devices where your Telegram account is currently logged in. You can terminate any active sessions you no longer need.

Who uses Telegram most?

Throughout 2021, most Telegram users were between 25 and 34 years old, closely followed by users under 24. Interestingly over 60% of Telegrams users are under the age of 34. Indicating that their focus on security and privacy is of most interest to the younger generations.


To conclude, there are many different reasons that you should use Telegram. The reasons range from keeping your data more secure online to creating a channel to engage with many people. Telegram can be used both as a secure instant messaging service and a social networking platform for advertisement and content creation. Telegram’s focus on both privacy and security fills many users with a sense of peace that their data is in safe hands. Many innovative features offered by Telegram make it easy for users to discover more than just a different instant messaging app. Whether you are looking for a growing new platform to market your business on or just searching for a secure and reliable messaging service, Telegram is a good choice.

One fact that Telegram markets itself on is the speed that it sends and receives messages. They claim to be the fastest instant messaging application created. Telegram easily competes with other instant messaging apps and even confidently takes on the industry giant WhatsApp. To constantly release innovative new features takes a lot of creativity and knowledge about their customers. Telegram actively listens to its users and makes improvements based on their feedback. Hopefully, you have discovered a few reasons why Telegram should have a good chance of becoming your new instant messaging app of choice. Thank you for reading.

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