What a CFO Can Do For Your Agency

Marketing Podcast with Jason Blumer

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jason Blumer. Jason is a Co-founder of Thriveal, a firm that helps entrepreneurial CPA firms connect, learn and grow. He’s also the CEO of Blumer CPAs where they serve as an advisory firm for the design marketing and creative agency services niches.

Key Takeaway:

Jason Blumer is the CEO of Blumer CPAs which is an advisory firm for design, marketing, and creative agency services. In this episode, Jason and I dive into the importance of financial guidance for agencies and what small businesses are missing when they don’t have a CFO.

Questions I ask Jason Blumer:

  • [3:35] The virtual or fractional CFO has actually been around for some time – is that a space that you play in or teach people  You know, for some time, is that a space that you play in or that you teach people to play in?
  • [5:08] What are businesses missing when they don’t have a CFO? And what’s the key distinction that a CFO adds?
  • [8:16] Are there things that you find that are just unique to the creative businesses from an accounting standpoint?
  • [11:02] A lot of agencies today have chosen to grow by getting freelancers or third-party services to do certain aspects. Does that muddy up the forecasting, the models, or the accounting?
  • [12:31] When someone comes to you, and they want to scale, is there a certain stage or indicators that show that someone is ready for it?
  • [15:59] What’s the first strategic sort of leadership hire that you think an agency needs?
  • [17:07] I’m seeing more and more agencies talk about growth through acquisition – is that a good way to grow? Is that fraught with lots of challenges?
  • [19:44] Where can people find out more about you?

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