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For users who do not have a clear idea of Telegram, it is a messaging application that allows you to participate in other socialization activities with other users. There are channels where you can share your ideas with other members and group chats that have a 200.000-member capacity.
Recently, Telegram announced a new feature for users who cannot decide which chatting app to use, which will make it easier for them to choose. Users can have voice calls and video calls with each other, even in a group with 2000 contacts. Usually, users mainly prefer WhatsApp. However, some users started to use Telegram instead. They reported that their trust in WhatsApp is low. Besides, they found the features of Telegram more advanced.
If you want to use Telegram like your friends and coworkers, you may want to learn how to create a Telegram account. Let’s dive into that and other features of Telegram.

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How to Create a Telegram Account

Creating a Telegram account is the same in both Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps, and then we’ll have a closer look at the best features of Telegram.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Create a Telegram account by following the steps below. Let’s start!

  1. Download the Telegram app.

    Before we dive into the steps for creating a profile, you first need to download and open the app. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.install a Telegram app

    install a Telegram app

  2. Start setting up your account.

    Once you start the app, you will see a big button on the page saying “Start Messaging”. Click that button for further steps. Now, you should choose the country you are currently living in and your current phone number. That information should be correct for you to receive the verification code.enter phone number

    enter phone number

  3. Finalize the steps.

    When you complete the previous step, Telegram will send a verification code for registering via SMS. Check the code and write it on the given box on the screen.start messaging on Telegram

    start messaging on Telegram

If there are no problems with your phone number and verification code, you are ready to use your account. Just write your complete name and save it. Your account is ready, and you are prepared to chat with your friends on Telegram!

The Best Features of Telegram

Telegram has so many powerful features that many WhatsApp and iMessage users give up and use Telegram. If you think about whether you should create an account, you can check these features of Telegram and decide. Here’s the list of the most valuable features of Telegram;

  • Secret Chat
  • Channel
  • Group Chat
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Storage
  • Multiple Sessions

Now, let’s see why they are helpful and how we can use these features.

Secret Chat

Telegram has become an inspiration for other platforms with secret chat features. Users can set a time for a chat, and when the time arrives, the conversation disappears. Users who are worried about their privacy love it.


Users on Telegram can create channels to create their community. Only creators can decide who can post or react to posts on the channel. Also, a limitless number of users can be a member of these channels. To have a bigger channel with lots of members, you can buy Telegram subscribers as well.

Group Chat

The group chat feature is available in all messaging apps and social media platforms. The distinguishing element is that Telegram groups can afford 200 thousand users in total. You can mention certain members if you want as well.

Telegram video call

Voice and Video Calls

Telegram users couldn’t quit other applications simply because the app didn’t have a calling feature. Recently, users can make video and voice calls and need no other platforms for communication. You can host a video call even if you’re in a populated channel. Read our best Telegram channels article if you’re new to Telegram and want to explore the channels.

Since voice calls and video calls are new features, there is no comprehensive analysis of the quality of calls. However, according to reports collected, users thought that the quality of their experience was good in general.


Unlikely most other apps, Telegram offers limitless storage to its users. It means that you do not need to back up any file or delete your chat history regularly.

Multiple Sessions

You can also log in to your Telegram account on different devices. Once you log in, Telegram will sync sessions. It means that your actions can be viewed in both sessions.

FAQs on Creating a Telegram Account

Can I create a Telegram account without my phone number?

While trying to register, Telegram asks for your phone number to send a verification code. However, some third-party applications can help users to get the verification code.

Which is better? Telegram or WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is more popular and has more registered users. However, there are a lot of users who claim that Telegram is better. According to reviews, users trust Telegram’s privacy policies more and have more comprehensive application features.

Can I be anonymous on Telegram?

Once you have registered to Telegram, you display your phone number. Therefore, being anonymous is not that easy, but some users can still accomplish that.

Is Telegram safe for children?

If you have children below age 18, you may want to prevent them from using Telegram. It is because Telegram has so many precautions to avoid being tracked. Even though it works well for adults, these privacy applications may be problematic for children.

Why is Telegram better for companies?

It is primarily because of high group chat capacity. Some big-sized companies struggle to communicate with all workers simultaneously. Telegram can afford 200.000 users in one group chat. Hence, companies with big teams mostly prefer Telegram.

Creating a Telegram Account Shortly

To sum up, Telegram is preferred for a lot of reasons. Mostly, the features given above are better than other messaging apps. Besides, Telegram established the perfect prestige due to their privacy policies and rules. They have essential reliability. Recently, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were accused of selling their users’ data. Despite all denies, some users still believe these claims. Thus, they want to use different applications without worrying about their information. Privacy applications or other comprehensive features can seem appealing to you. Lastly, you can create an account via the given steps and start chatting safe and sound.

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