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Marketing Podcast with Amanda Dixon

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Amanda Dixon. Amanda is the Co-founder at Barney an M&A firm that specializes in the digital marketing space. She’s also a Forbes 40 under 40 award recipient.

Key Takeaway:

Selling your agency in the digital space can be a hard area to navigate. Amanda Dixon found it difficult to find an M&A advisor who understood that landscape when she went to sell her own business. Since 2015, her company, Barney, has guided over 150 media, marketing & tech companies through acquisitions. In this episode, she’s sharing how she’s helped many entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses.

Questions I ask Amanda Dixon:

  • [1:14] What’s the story behind your company name?
  • [1:57] Could you tell us about your origin story and how you got started down this path?
  • [2:55] Is there anything unique to the digital agency space or the digital space in general when it comes to selling in comparison to a company with tangible assets like a roofing company for example?
  • [3:54] If someone stumbles upon you and what you do, and they’re ready to sell their agency, what is the first step?
  • [5:00] How do you put a tangible value on digital assets like a methodology or framework?
  • [6:33] Is there a way to value future growth?
  • [7:47] Is there a right time or right size or sweet spot for agencies?
  • [10:25] Are you seeing anybody selling parts of their companies rather than an entire acquisition?
  • [11:19] A very common model today is people are outsourcing a lot of the implementation fulfillment, does that make it actually harder to sell?
  • [12:00] Could you talk a little bit about the consultant versus agency model – is that harder to sell?
  • [14:12] Do you have a success story that you can share?
  • [16:06] Does hiring an advisor also come with a team of legal and financial advisors? Or do you have to find that outside of an advisor?
  • [17:49] Have you ever experienced a transaction where a Founder sold the company to their existing team?
  • [18:35] Could you tell people where we could find you and your work?

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