Happiness Begins With Gratitude

Marketing Podcast with Dr. Sophia Godkin

Headshot of Sophia Godkin

Headshot of Sophia Godkin

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Sophia Godkin. She’s a Health Psychologist, Happyologist, and Happiness, Relationship & Transformational Coach. She’s also the author of The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal: Give Thanks, Practice Positivity, Find Joy.

Key Takeaway:

During her Ph.D. journey, Dr. Sophia Godkin found herself under an incredible amount of stress that led her to an internal realization that life could be lived in a more harmonious internal state. There is so much truth in the statement: “All you have to do is decide to be happy.” But how many people actually have the tools, resources, and mental mindset to be able to decide to be happy? There are many things that actually prevent us from the decision to be happy. In this episode, Dr. Sophia Godkin dives into the simple truths about finding happiness.

Questions I Ask Dr. Sophia Godkin:

  • [2:23] Will you give us a sense of your journey to becoming a happyologist?
  • [3:43] Why is it so simple yet so hard to decide to be happy?
  • [6:35] Does calling yourself a happyologist ever feel like you have a target on your back and you’re not allowed to have bad days?
  • [8:11] Can you make the connection between gratitude and happiness?
  • [9:57] Can you describe the 5-Minute Gratitude Journal and how it’s structured? And how do you suggest people use it?
  • [13:38] Do you attribute anything to the success of your book?
  • [15:02] What do you think about the relationship between work and happiness?
  • [18:03] What are a couple of things that you commonly tell people that they can start doing now to make a ‘happiness’ difference in their life?
  • [21:16] How do you begin your day?
  • [22:06] Where can people find out more about you and your work?

More About Dr. Sophia Godkin:

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