How Shifting Your Mindset Can Boost Your Productivity

Marketing Podcast with Clare Kumar

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Clare Kumar. Clare helps busy professionals optimize their performance. She’s a media contributor on productivity, organization, and work-life integration.

Key Takeaway:

People are busy, and that’s applicable across every and all job roles — entrepreneurs, business professionals, employees, stay-at-home parents, consultants, you name it, we’re busy.

Clare Kumar works directly with people and professionals helping them optimize their performance and work-life integration. In this episode, Clare shares how to shift your mindset in a way that will help you build habits that last and boost your productivity.

Questions I ask Clare Kumar:

  • [1:14] Does optimizing your performance come down to hacks and habits?
  • [2:33] What are some of the big productivity killers, and how do people get bad habits?
  • [4:10] What’s the best strategy when it comes to technology distracting with productivity?
  • [5:26] What does the process of hiring a coach to help you become more productive look like?
  • [6:47] Are there some common almost “template” type approaches for how you would plan your day?
  • [11:05] In your bio, you mention you love science and that that love has helped lead your role today — would you dive into how that has helped you?
  • [12:22] What are some of the surprising benefits that you find that come from somebody feeling more productive? And have you discovered some of these benefits to be universal?
  • [13:45] What’s the solution for trying to get some sense of normalcy back into rituals when you’re caught up in a world that has experienced so much rapid change?
  • [15:24] How has 2020 changed your work?
  • [17:55] What are a handful of your best productivity tips for 2021?
  • [20:09] Where can people find out more about you and your work?

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