How to Increase Your Snapchat Score Quickly

Since its release in September 2011 by the American camera and social media company Snap Inc., Snapchat has kept evolving. When the app was first created by Evan Spiegel and associates, the idea was to render the whole digital communication more snappy. The developers wanted to offer something practical to today’s fast-consuming, constantly connected, and speed-loving public. New features and socially-oriented solutions have appeared one by one on the platform. All those renovative efforts managed to keep Snapchat competitive and resistant to time. Ten years have gone by. If you are a user of the app, you probably wonder how to make the most of it in the current climate. That’s what we will unveil in this article. To be even more exact, our three keywords here will be: increase Snapchat score. It’s not a secret that proficiency in the digital world is mostly a matter of numbers and ranks. So the tips we will share will aim at adding more zeros next to your Snap score. 

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What’s the Deal with Snapchat Score?

When the app was first designed for iOS and Android, the intention was pretty modest. A fun and relaxed sharing environment for layman users. The exchange between those was mostly limited to pictures. Snapchat also quickly became famous for its Bitmoji avatars as well as its creative and entertaining Snapchat filters. They were often updated and adapted to special occasions throughout the calendar year. Some users even started using them outside the app to create and promote all kinds of memes, stickers, and whatnot.

Snapchat also adopted the popular short-form and momentary format. The motto was: be spontaneous, consume within the next 24 hours, and move on. This approach became prominent in the other functions of the app, too, such as videos and stories. Especially the development of video-related features contributed to diversifying the usage modalities. To such an extent that today, even business managers, marketing leaders, and charitable organizations are posting on Snapchat. And an increased number of accounts naturally means a need to be more influential than others. One of the ways to measure this influence is the Snapchat score. Having a high Snap score is what grants popularity and authority to a profile. It may not seem as obvious or gratifying as in the scoring systems of other platforms. For instance, it won’t bring you more money nor trophies (like it used to do in the past). Nevertheless, ranking higher than other users will enhance your visibility. Plus, who knows what other surprises the app may release in the months to come. 

So what about you? Have you already started exploring strategies that increase Snapchat score? If not yet, keep reading to find out what you can do. 

Where to Track Your Snapchat Score?

Good question and even a prerequisite for anyone asking how to increase Snap score. Long-time users will probably remember: previously, the app was using a system of trophies, as said in the previous section.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Now we rather have to look for a number that represents your score. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Activate Snapchat.

    First of all, you should open the app on whatever device you are using (smartphone or tablet). Just click on the app icon aka Ghostface Chillah.snapchat icon on mobile

    snapchat icon on mobile

  2. Access your profile through your Bitmoji or Story icon.

    Look at the top of the screen and locate your profile icon on the top-left. Click on it.
    access your snapchat profile

    access your snapchat profile

  3. Find your score indicated under your avatar.

    You may check your score under your avatar (Bitmoji) and username. Click on it to see your 2 subscores.
    find your snap score

    find your snap score

  4. The first one (on the top) represents the sent Snaps. The second one (on the bottom) represents the received Snaps.

    snaps sent and received

    snaps sent and received

If you are curious to know your friends’ Snap score, the method to follow is almost the same. You can see it on their profile page, under their avatar and username. 

Now that we have spotted it let’s see how to get your Snapchat score up. 

Send Snaps

Yes, as simple as that. Messaging apps and social media channels always prefer and reward the most dedicated users. So the number 1 answer to a question like ‘how to increase Snapchat score’ is: get active. Whenever you send a Snap, you earn 1 point. This can go up to 6 points if you have been absent for a while and then decided to come back to the app. As you see, sending more Snaps can become an efficient Snapchat score hack, so to speak.   

There’s one important detail to keep in mind, though. This trick works only for individual Snaps. So, in other words, you should send your Snaps to individuals. Those sent to groups as well as direct messages written as standard texts won’t make you earn any points. All this means that you will have to make use of your camera. Remember, Snaps are based on photos and videos.

open snaps

Open Snaps

Another easy answer to questions such as ‘how to increase Snapchat score fast?’. Sometimes we tend to forget that basic gestures can pay, right? Have you received a Snap? Well, just open it. Don’t be lazy or picky. Keep in mind that opening any new or unread Snap will bring you 1 point. It would be a shame to lose such an easy opportunity. So dust yourself off and start checking your Snaps every single day. 

This is also a way to show your altruistic side. Indeed, whenever you open a Snap coming from your friends, you also help them earn more points.   

add new snapchat friends

Add New Friends  

So what’s your plan? Sitting on your chair behind your screen and doing nothing more than typing ‘increase Snapchat score’ on your search engine? Sorry to say that this won’t lead anywhere. We are talking about social media here. Social media as in socializing. Thus it’s high time to revisit your contact list and preferably add new friends to it. There’s no need to be shy about adding even complete strangers. Nobody is really selective when it comes to social apps. The reason is utterly evident: more contacts means more popularity. So we have a perfect Snapscore hack potential here. Having more friends will increase your chances to send and receive more Snaps. Emphasis on send and receive because if you simply add friends without interacting, this won’t have any impact on your score. 

Don’t Forget Snapchat Streaks

Speaking of friends, here’s another feature if you want to learn how to make your Snap score go up. Snapstreaks are comparable to a flow of interaction. They occur when you and a friend of yours exchange snaps for several consecutive days. So the major rule here is consistency and reciprocity. Both of you must participate in the streak on a regular basis. Once you have a streak with someone, it will appear next to your name in the app. You will also be able to see the number of days it’s been going on. 

Are streaks indispensable? It’s hard to answer that. ‘Streaking’ with someone is not what increases Snap score per se. It’s rather a way to ensure daily Snap traffic. Remember, sending and receiving (opening) Snaps are good for your score. That being said, Snapchat has never really revealed the full logic behind its scoring criteria. So sometimes, some actions you take in the app can make you get points unexpectedly. This also applies to streaks. Plus, it’s a way to keep your Snap relationships up-to-date. 

share snapchat stories

Share Stories

How can you get a higher Snap score while displaying your talent? Posting stories can be an indirect yet fun way to achieve that. More specifically, adding Snaps to your stories can make you earn more points. It’s also an occasion to show your creative side. Beware, though: this works only for senders. Visualizing other people’s stories won’t affect your score.  

FAQs on How to Increase Snapchat Score

All this doesn’t seem very clear to me. Isn’t there an exact method to determine my Snap score in advance?

Not really. Social media applications are known for being somewhat private when it comes to their algorithms. However, the main method to follow is clear enough: being as active as possible on the platform. 

I’ve heard of some Snapchat hacking tools. How does Snap score go up with them? 

Understand that whenever we used the term hack in this article, it was figurative. There are certainly several hacking programs available on the related market. You may use them at your own risk and discretion. We would like to remind though, that sticking with the official app would probably be safer for your device and account. 

Is there an average indicated for Snap scores?

We would rather say that it’s changeable. What is considered average will depend on the context as well as specific communities. The most commonly cited average is around 50,000. 

What is the highest Snap score?

In 2021, there are several Snapchat accounts with a score of over 50 million. 

Is the score update done in real-time? 

No, at least not always. Sometimes you can see your score updated instantly, whereas some other times, it can take up to a week. The gap is all the more apparent when it comes to seeing updates on a friend’s page. You usually won’t be able to learn their new score before several days. 

What Else to Increase Snapchat Score in 2022?

Here we are already coming to the end of our article. Would there be anything else to increase Snapchat score? Well, let us say that you already have the main strategies at your disposal. As explained earlier, Snapchat is one of the apps that evaluate your level of activity before anything else. So more than a matter of content, it’s about the number of Snaps exchanged. You will need to be a little exuberant put your efforts will eventually pay.

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