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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing part three of a solo show series on where I’m covering one of my favorite topics: referrals. You can catch the first episode and second episode of the Referral Generation series here.

Key Takeaway:

I’m doing a series on Referral Generation where I’m presenting what I’m calling the seven grades of referral fuel. In the first episode of the series, I introduce all seven approaches. In the second episode, I dive into the first point – why you should have referral offers for every client and what those offers should look like. In this episode, I’m covering why you should work with partners who also serve your existing clients and why leveraging your internal team for referral generation is essential.

Topics I cover:

  • [1:37] What the client ecosystem balancing approach is
  • [2:06] Why work with partners who also serve your existing clients
  • [3:13] How this approach of integrating with and providing value to professionals who provide your clients with value can generate referrals
  • [7:24] One of the most underutilized types of referrals is internal referrals
  • [7:52] Why everyone on your internal team should understand who your ideal customer is and how you’re different
  • [9:51] Incentivizing your internal team and strategic partners
  • [10:49] Why look at the inside of your business as a marketing campaign

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