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Marketing Podcast with Tim Brown

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Tim Brown. Tim owns Hook Agency, a boutique digital agency out of Minneapolis. He specializes in combining visual design and SEO for construction companies.

Key Takeaway:

Having a beautifully designed website doesn’t guarantee leads. There are some key elements a website needs to have in order to convert visitors into paying clients or customers. In this episode, the Founder of Hook Agency, Tim Brown, talks about what he’s learned from building over 100 websites and diving into testing and user data. He’s been able to develop a 5-step winning website formula that converts.

Questions I ask Tim Brown:

  • [1:55] What’s the biggest marketing challenge today that you’re seeing for construction companies?
  • [2:54] In your intro, it says you combine visual design and SEO – can you unpack that idea?
  • [5:54] What have you discovered is your way to structure a website with SEO and content in mind so that it is a marketing website as opposed to acting as a brochure?
  • [6:52] Can you give me a few examples of what strong visual calls to action throughout the website means?
  • [17:22] You have suggested pricing on your website for the kind of packages that you offer – what was your decision in putting pricing on your website since in the world of marketing pricing it has been deemed as something you maybe shouldn’t do?
  • [20:30] Where can people find out more about your work?

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