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Marketing Podcast with Jess Ekstrom

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jess Ekstrom. Jess is on a mission to help women tell and sell stories through writing and speaking. She’s also the creator of an organization called Headbands of Hope. Jess has also written a book called — Chasing the Bright Side: Embrace Optimism, Activate Your Purpose, and Write Your Own Story.

Key Takeaway:

Jess Ekstrom is on a mission to empower women from all over to share their message and their stories through writing and speaking. Jumping into entrepreneurship during college, she started a for-profit, for-cause company called Headbands of Hope that has recently reached 1 million headbands donated. In this episode, I talk with Jess Ekstrom about her journey as an entrepreneur and how she’s overcome the many challenges she faced along the way.

Questions I ask Jess Ekstrom:

  • [1:28] How would you package up your entrepreneurial journey in a short story?
  • [3:37] Where does your e-commerce brand Headbands of Hope stand today?
  • [4:42] There seems to be now an entire industry of women helping women – what would you say is unique about your point of view that you’re trying to bring to it?
  • [6:44] What’s the difference between a woman storyteller, a woman speaker, and a male speaker or a man who’s trying to go out there and tell stories?
  • [10:14] What’s been the hardest for you in your entrepreneurial journey?
  • [12:05]  You started at a very young age – have you ever felt like that has held you back or have you felt that it’s actually been a positive strength for you?
  • [14:36] Going from shipping headbands to developing software is a bit of a leap – what was your process for doing that?
  • [16:35] Do you have contributors that are contributing to the prompt pathways in Bright Pages?
  • [18:01] Where can people find out more about you and your various ventures?

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