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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Aaron Weiche. Aaron is the CEO and Co-founder of Leadferno, a business and text messaging platform to close more leads faster. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years founding and growing both digital marketing agencies and marketing software products.

Key Takeaway:

Good business depends on great conversations, but email and other forms of business communication are slow, disjointed, and not the only way that consumers want to interact.

In this episode, I talk with CEO and Co-Founder of Leadferno, Aaron Weiche, about how Leadferno is powering businesses to create better conversations and close more leads faster with Omni-channel messaging – combining SMS and messaging tools from some of the internet’s biggest platforms.

Questions I ask Aaron Weiche:

  • [2:00] How do you advise business owners who may quite frankly be fatigued from all of the available customer communication channels to manage all of them today?
  • [3:35] Do you feel like we’re to the point where we must have some sort of immediate response for almost any business?
  • [4:51] How are you trying with lead for an ode to differentiate what you’re offering from chatbots?
  • [6:06] How do we balance the fact the having a chat or something similar could create a worse experience if you don’t have someone explicitly managing instantaneous responses?
  • [7:24] Can you explain what your technology experience looks like?
  • [8:48] Google My Business has integrated texting – are you able to or is it at least a roadmap plan to integrate into all of those services that are starting to offer this feature?
  • [9:31] So many people are talking about SMS and how the open rates are higher, but many people don’t want their messaging app to turn into what email has become for a lot of people – how do you not fall into this?
  • [13:07] Can you talk about some of the classic use cases for different industries where you’ve seen things like SMS reminders work effectively?
  • [15:58] Could I create a number that people can text for the business without having to get another phone line/mobile device?
  • [17:58] How does somebody get started in a way that isn’t disruptive necessarily to their current communication channels?
  • [20:59] Where can people find out more about you and Leadferno?

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