How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

It all started when Chris Messina sent a tweet asking, “how do you feel about using # for groups as in #barcamp?” This tweet dates back to 2007, and today hashtags make up an important part of social media. Although hashtags were first used in a tweet, they are more popular on Instagram now than they are on Twitter. Instagram statistics show that almost 67% of posts on the platform contain a minimum of one hashtag. Searching for specific hashtags on Instagram helps you find the content you want or the accounts you want to follow. However, if you want to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, the system does not allow you to do so. Therefore, you need a third-party application to search more than one hashtag at a time.

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The important thing when using third-party apps is that you need to select a reliable one. Selecting a malicious app may cause trouble on your way. Do not trust websites or apps that ask for your password or other vital information such as your credit card number and such. Always be careful and be sure that you can safely use that app.

using third party apps

Third-Party Apps

SocialRank, which enables you to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, is a great example of these applications. At first, the application allowed people to search for one hashtag only. With its update, you now have two different options: search for “any words” (default) or search for “all words.” If you click on “any words,” it is like putting “or” between your words. In this case, you will see the accounts including one of the hashtags you have written in the search box. If you click on “all words,” it is like putting “and” between your words. As a result, you will come across the accounts that have used all the hashtags you have written. So, for multiple hashtags, all you need to do is to select “all words.” 

advantages of instagram hashtags

Advantages of Using Hashtags on Instagram

Using hashtags while sharing your posts provides you with quite a few advantages. First of all, your posts will become much easier to find. Thanks to hashtags, you can connect an Instagram post to a topic. The people who are looking for that topic can access your posts easily when they search for the relevant hashtags. Secondly, hashtags are of great help to create a brand and expand it on Instagram. Adding customized and brand hashtags to your posts will enable you to communicate with followers. It also helps you to see the suggestions and/or complaints regarding your brand. Last but not least, you can categorize your posts by using specific hashtags for different posts. Writing your page name along with the name of the product will be a good way to group your posts. 

FAQs on Searching Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

How many hashtags can I use on my posts?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post and up to 10 hashtags per story. If you exceed this number, the platform does not deliver your comment or caption. In such a case, the system will send you an error message. 

Should I use 30 hashtags every time I post something?

Just because you are free to include that many hashtags does not mean you have to. Posts with too many hashtags can seem like spam. On the other hand, studies show that the more hashtags you use, the higher your engagement rate will be. Therefore, using 30 hashtags altogether on the same post is highly recommended. 

Where can I write hashtags on Instagram?

You can either include them in the caption or in the comments under the post. However, the best place to add hashtags is the caption, so try not to write them in comments. 

Can I use any character I want in my hashtags?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can include numbers in your hashtags; but, spaces, punctuation, and special characters will not work. 

If it is a business account, should I use the same set of hashtags?

If you think your set of hashtags does not give you good engagement anymore, then it is time for a change. You can try changing some of them in the first place rather than changing them all at once. This way, you can see if it makes any difference or not. You can find out the hashtags working for you by checking the ones for which you are making “top posts.”

How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram in Short

What have we learned in this article?

  • In this article, we have introduced you to the SocialRank application, through which you can search multiple hashtags on Instagram.
  • We have talked about the benefits of adding hashtags to your posts.
  • We have also shared the ideal number of hashtags, the best place to put hashtags, and how they work best. We hope you find this article of use and enjoy reading it!

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