Can People See Who You Follow on Instagram?

In today’s world of technology, people are too much interested in the number of their followers on Instagram. However, when it comes to the people they follow, things might work quite differently. If you have a private account, others can see who you follow on Instagram only if they are the followers you approve of. On the contrary, if you have an account open to the public, people do not have to follow your account to see the people you follow. This being the case, some might not feel comfortable with the fact that others can see these people, too. 

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Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

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As we mentioned before, with a private account, it is not possible for people to access your “following list” if they are not your followers.

  1. Make your account private.

    If your account is open to the public, you can just set it to private by navigating to “Settings” on your Instagram profile.

  2. Head over to Settings and set your profile private.

    You should click on “Account Privacy” and select “Private Account.” This way, only the people you have approved can see who you follow on Instagram.

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On the other hand, if the people you want to hide your following list from are your followers, then that is a totally different case. As you have already allowed these people to view your profile, they can view your following list as well. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have much to offer as a solution to this dilemma. There is no such feature on the application, so we can only offer you a couple of suggestions.

One way to prevent your followers from seeing who you follow on Instagram is to block them. However, this option will also prevent them from having access to your posts and your other activities on the platform. Instagram allows you to open more than one account, so a better way is to create separate accounts. While the people from whom you want to hide your following list can follow the one with nobody to hide, the rest can follow your other account. 

FAQs on People Seeing Who You Follow on Instagram

If I unfollow someone and then follow back, do they get a notification?

Yes. In such a case, Instagram sends that person a notification, telling them that you started to follow their account.

If I follow someone and then quickly unfollow, will the other person know about that?

This time, the answer is no. The person will not get a notification when you stop following them.

How can I be sure whether someone has stopped following me on Instagram?

To know that, you need to check your current followers on your profile. If a person who used to be your follower is not there, most probably they have stopped following you. Another possibility is that they might have deactivated their Instagram account. To know for sure, you can search for that person’s account name on Instagram’s search box. If the account still exists, then it means they do not follow you any longer. 

How can I follow someone on Instagram anonymously?

If you want to follow someone without them knowing who you are, you had better use a fake account. However, you might want to make sure that you are not following your ‘real’ account through the fake one. You can also use our tool to view Instagram posts anonymously.

How can I check someone who has recently started to follow me?

There are two methods to check this. You can either look at your “Activity Feed” or check your “followers list.” Keep in mind that the respective list is categorized as “most recent” by default. Therefore, the people at the top of your list are the ones who have recently become your followers.

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Concluding on People Seeing Who You Follow on Instagram

In this article, we have given answers to these two questions: “Can people see who you follow on Instagram?” and “Can you hide who you follow on Instagram?” We have also answered whether people get a notification when we follow or unfollow them. We have explained how to make sure if someone has stopped following you, how to follow someone anonymously, and how to check your recent followers on Instagram. To summarize, while your followers can see who you follow on Instagram, there is no feature on the platform that might enable you to hide these people. We hope that you find both our article and our suggestions quite of help. 

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