How to Use Kik on PC

Did you know that you could use Kik on your PC? It only takes a few minutes, and the use is a piece of cake! And also, it is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. You can take it with you everywhere! This article covered why you should use Kik and how to download it on your PC. 

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Why Should You Use Kik?

Kik for PC is highly beneficial when it comes to instant messaging. It is one of the most popular applications in the market, and let’s see what features make it so precious:


Privacy and security became one of the most important factors when people decide to use an app on their phones or computers. Kik allows you to chat anonymously on your computer, which makes it the perfect piece for you. 

access your old messages

Access to Your Old Messages

While using Kik, you can get your older messages from the History section. You can see the important messages which are not visible on your chat tab anymore. 


Kik is the first app introducing customization. Users can design the look however they like. You can use different themes on your chat box or arrange different ringtones for different people. 

Easy-to-use Interface

Kik serves you a user-friendly interface. You won’t need any information before on how to use the app. 

Group and Video Chats

Group and video chats became more critical in our daily lives. You can create a group and start a chat. Also, you will not need any other applications like Skype, etc., because it has all you need for a video call. 

Use the Internet in the App

You don’t need to abandon the app to search for something on the Internet because Kik has its own web browser! Those remarkable features make Kik the winning app among the others. The list of these unique features can go longer, but first, we should look at how to download it. 

how to download kik on computer

How to Download Kik on Computer

You can download Kik by using an Android Emulator since there is no specific Kik app for PC. However, it is not a disadvantage, because it can be done just in few minutes. With an Android Emulator, you can use Android apps on your computer. Bluestacks, LD player, and Andyroid are the most popular ones, which are safe to use. 

How to Install Kik Using Bluestacks

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here are the steps to install Kik Using Bluestacks:

  1. Get Bluestacks

    Install Bluestacks on your computer.

  2. Get the Kik.APK file

    Download the Kik.APK file on your desktop.

  3. Open file

    Click on the file, Bluestacks will launch it automatically. 

If the Bluestacks does not open automatically, 

  1. Right-click on the .APK file and pick the “open with” section.
  2. Click on Bluestacks when a new window appears. 
  3. Click on OK to start Kik installation.

install bluestacks on computer

Install Bluestacks on Computer

After downloading Bluestacks, you have a few steps to do:

  • When the download is complete, start installing it.
  • The installation wizard will appear on the screen. Follow the guidelines and finish the process.
  • After this step, launch the Android Emulator. Now it is ready to use for Kik!
  • Download the Kik .APK file

Since we downloaded the Android Emulator, now it is time to install Kik. You can find the suitable file from Google Play Store. Save it on your desktop. In the next step, we will run this file. Finding the APK file may sound challenging to you, but using the Android Emulator method is better than the others. So, please enjoy using Kik on your computer!

FAQ on Using Kik on PC

Is there any way to download Kik without Bluestacks?

Yes, you can use no download method, but using Bluestacks is much easier. 

Can you use Kik on a computer?

Kik is available only for Android and IOS devices, for now, so with the help of an Android Emulator, you can use Kik on your computer without a hassle. 

Is there a risk of cyber-attack if I download Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android Emulator software programs. It is one of the safest choices. 

Is using Kik safe?

Kik uses an end-to-end encryption system, so you will be safe while messaging. 

Can I use Kik on the browser?

Kik is not available as a web app. For that reason, you cannot use Kik on a browser. 

Conclusion on How to Use Kik on PC

Kik is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, and it is not an exaggeration. Unfortunately, it can readily be downloaded on Android devices but not on a computer. However, by following the guide above, you can easily use the app on your Windows or Mac devices! We hope this article was helpful. If it was, we suppose that you might also enjoy leraning how to use Instagram mobile view on PC.

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