Top 10 Useful Websites

The internet is a huge place. It is in our hands to use it best. When we look at the things we do, the things we want to know, the places we want to know, and the places from the other side, it is always fun to look in different directions and in different ways. The websites listed below offer a much more diverse experience and services than they are used to. So, here are the top 10 useful websites.

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Preparing texts in English can be difficult at times. Especially if it is going to be an official document. If you need a proper set of grammar rules, this is a website you should definitely visit. It has both the app and you can save it as an add-on to Chrome. It is a great blessing for university students, thesis writers, those who want to improve their English writing skills, and essay writers.

what is my movie

What Is My Movie

If you can’t find the movie you want, you can access that movie by writing down the details you can think of a movie on this site. It’s a great event for those who don’t remember the names of the movies they’ve watched before. It can also be a great option to decide the style of movie you want to watch. Just write down the players or topics you want to see.


You can filter by setting four options on the left. This way, a website where you can find books that match your style. There are also many detailed search options. You can play a lot and get any kind of books you want.



After all, there were times when we had to think of money in our pockets while traveling. In this case, we compare the price of our destination with the value of the home we live in. This is Numbeo, in cases like these. On a site comparing two cities in terms of cost; You can find many financial comparisons, from water prices to regular rentals, prices, and fruit. With the financial comparisons you will make on this site, you can set a budget according to where you are going and spend your expenses that way and continue the journey without surprise.


You can see in 3D where you can put things in your room on this site, suitable for people who are not very sure about the design. So you can get an idea ahead of time instead of stuffing your room one by one. In addition, Homestyler has an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


After you get to the regions and regions at the time you want on the world map, you see on this site. This site is very pleasing to the fans, which conveys the demographics of the time and the battles that take place on the map. There are also many interesting details about our own history on the site.


You can make a delicious pizza with bread left in the fridge, dried, and with strong edges. This site gives you a recipe for what you can prepare for your next meal with these products when choosing products from the fridge. You can prepare a good meal with non-refrigerated products.

similar websites

Similar Sites

It has always been on your mind to find the same site on the sites you use the most in your daily life. This site, with the same functionality and access to the same sites, Similar sites is a good site for building alternative routes to sites that we frequently use.

Football Fullmatch

For those who say that they have followed all the team games they support, including a team game that you have not been able to catch for 90 minutes, you can watch the world matches for 90 minutes. So you can make the boring weekend colorful and enjoy life.

drive and listen

Drive and Listen

With this site, you can visit the streets of the city of your choice in the world where you live at home with a car radio. You can meet your favorite song on the streets where your story is accompanied by a song you opened on the radio.

FAQ About Useful Websites

How much do I need to pay to open a website?

Initially, you have the opportunity to open it for free, but you will need paid applications for other features. It is not possible to give an exact price.

How long does it take me to create a website?

It may vary depending on the content of your site, whether it is complex or not, and when you need it. For simple blogs using a pre-made theme that is almost non-customizable, you can set up and use a WordPress website in less than a day.

Is it possible to make money by opening a website?

You can earn money by placing ads on your website. Your earnings will increase compared to the number of visitors. You can achieve this with a little effort and time.

Can I have my own email with my website?

You can do this from your web server control panel. You can add multiple emails at once and send all emails to the email address you have, such as a Gmail account or yahoo email address.

What benefit does the website provide?

With the proliferation of the internet, websites have also gained value and offer many benefits to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Top websites in the process of being installed in digital business centers at a fast pace. Therefore, a website adds value to your product or service. Thanks to the Internet-based structure and customer engagement, we appreciate chatting. It enhances the brand image in the eyes of consumers and strengthens your vision and purpose.

Brief Information About Useful Websites

We spend a lot of time on the internet. Apart from social media, there are many websites that will be useful for us. We’ve compiled some of them, which are:

  • Grammarly
  • Whatismymovie
  • Whichbook
  • Numbeo
  • Homestyler
  • Chronas
  • MtFridgeFood
  • Similar Sites
  • Football Fullmatch
  • Drive and Listen

You can make better use of your time by browsing fun, informative or useful websites. If you want to learn how to make your own website, check out our article that explains how to create a website.

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