Simple Guide to Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is a marketing strategy that we often overlook. We think of them as annoying pop-up messages and images that get in our way during a calm and productive internet browsing session. This misconception doesn’t change the way mobile ads affect marketing drastically. 

Mobile ads are essentially mobile marketing with traditional techniques and strategies to collect data. They change the way you reach your customers by ditching physical advertising and using the popularity of smartphones. That way, the invention of mobile ads altered the way companies do marketing campaigns forever. It has many benefits, including increased customer engagement rates, cost-effectiveness, and social media friendliness. In a world where there are more mobile devices than human beings, it is nonsense not to base your marketing strategy around it.

This article will help you understand the types and key steps of mobile ads to inform you on ad formats and give you examples of some of the most popular mobile ad platforms.

Types of Mobile Ads

Mobile ads have different types for various platforms. You need to pick the most suitable mobile ad type for the target audience you are trying to reach. These types become handy if you choose the right one for the specific social media network. Here are some of the most popular types of mobile advertisement options.

video ads

Video Advertisements

Video ads are compelling tools when it comes to internet advertisements. The usage rate of video ads increased with YouTube’s significant expansion in the market. Videos of the products that the customers are searching for are beneficial in their decision-making process as the videos can affect the customer’s decision with a satisfying visual experience and help them see if the product is appealing to them.

A significant percentage of consumers watch videos on their phones. That’s because it’s effortless to watch your favorite YouTubers on your phone while you are on your way to work or while you are waiting for your friend at your local coffee shop. Mobile ad-makers usually use different tactics to display video ads on mobile devices, such as banners under the main video or ad videos that start at the beginning of the content you want to watch. Whatever tactic you wish to use, there are ground rules to have effective video ads. Here are some of them:

  • Be creative.
  • Keep your ads simple.
  • Make the visuals and audio appealing.
  • Generate a visually effective call to action.

Video ads have a much higher rate of Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to the other ad types. CTR is the clicks your ads get from the consumers. High CTR is a great indicator that the video ads do an excellent job of impressing consumers.

banner ads

Banner Advertisements

Banner ads are the oldest types of mobile advertisement. They originate from the basic web marketing banners. Although the internet evolves to be more interactive, companies still use banner ads frequently.

The advertisers mostly implement banner ads to the web pages as images that are visually appealing. The main idea is to take the customer to the advertiser’s page from the main page to generate more profit by making the visitor buy the product or service. 

These kinds of mobile ads are very cost-efficient and widely used. The vital thing to keep in mind is to use vibrant colors, attractive fonts, and high-quality images while designing a banner. The more beautiful the visual appearance, the more your ads will get interaction!

app based ads

App-Based Advertisements

App-based ads are very similar to banners. The only significant difference is the advertisers implement them in a mobile application. Therefore, the app displays the mobile ads in their natural environment with a more blended look to the general application theme. As they don’t act like pop-ups, mobile users can’t block them. You can let the consumers see your ads organically while browsing on a popular website’s mobile app. 

Facebook uses this ad type frequently. You can see ads displayed between the news in your newsfeed without annoying you one bit!

gamification ads

Gamification Advertisements

Gamification ads are a type of rich media advertisement. Rich media is a new digital advertising term that includes advanced features such as video and audio that enable visitors to interact.

These kinds of mobile ads let the consumer interactively do the tasks given by the gamified advertisement. Games are naturally interesting as they give you a chance to be involved and change the consequences on a given timeline. Therefore, mobile gaming advertising keeps customers engaged at an elementary level for a specific time to decide if they want to buy your service or product. A straightforward example can be a popular web game letting the potential customer test a fundamental mechanic of their game on a small interactive web-based mini-game or prototype. While playing that prototype, the potential customer will decide if they like the game at its current state and keep playing by purchasing or downloading the end product. Interaction is very effective on user experience and can help you increase your ads’ engagement rates substantially!

steps to create mobile ads

Key Steps of Creating Efficient Mobile Ads

Regardless of the products you will use or companies you will work with, there are fundamental steps to create and publish mobile ads. Following these steps will broaden your horizon on the subject and let you, step by step, make the most efficient mobile ads possible. 

Time needed: 2 days.

There are five key steps for creating efficient mobile ads. If you follow these steps, you can come up with great ad strategies.

  1. Define your audience.

    Knowing your target audience is always the first step of an ad campaign. So, get started with defining your audience.

  2. Design your ads.

    Once you have defined your audience, start designing your ads the way that your audience would like.

  3. Define your goals.

    What do you want to achieve with these ads? It is whether direct sales or driving traffic, make sure your ads are result-driven.

  4. Choose your network for ads.

    With your budget and ad type, choose which network that you want to publish your ads with.

  5. Track and measure your ads.

    No ad campaign is finished with publishing the ad. It is important to track its success or its weak points to gather information for your next ad campaign or your call to action.

Now, let’s see these steps in more detail.

Audience Defining

Mobile devices help you target your ideal audience more than any other marketing technique. Many ad networks include targeting options that create demographics and interest statistics for easier target defining. Therefore, before making your ads, you should be able to determine who your customers are. By doing that, you will earn more with the same amount of investment. Audience defining will make you decide on the gender, age, interest, time of day, and geographic area your ads will focus on efficiently.

Ad Design

The design is one of the essential aspects of mobile ad creation as it will determine your initial interaction with a potential customer.

Your ad design should have a clear call to action, minimal design, high contrast colors for visibility, and a tremendous post-click experience. The post-click experience also gets better with design. That’s why the design of your mobile ads will help you sell your product or service a lot easier than you expect!

Goal Defining

There are many things you can do while designing a mobile ad to call people to action for them to actively respond to your ads by creating advertisements with different goals such as, make them find your store, register them to a subscription, make them aware of your promotions or your general brand, or help them install your app with just one click. This should be one of the initial steps of the mobile ad generation process, as it will make the design and sharing process less painful. 

Even major brands lose vast amounts of their investments during their ad campaigns by not setting goals and redirect people to an unrelated website or landing page. To get the most from your investments, goal defining is a fundamental and vital mobile ad creation process. 

Mobile Ad Network Choice

There are several various mobile ad networks that serve clients of different sizes. No matter which of them you choose, your primary concern should be if they are transparent and reachable. 

Mobile ad networks give different pricing models to advertisers. One of them is “Cost Per Mille,” or CPM, a pricing method that the advertiser pays for every thousand ads the ad network serves. Another one is “Cost Per Click,” or CPC for short, which is the pricing method that the advertiser pays only for the clicked ads. Lastly, there is Cost Per Action or CPA for short. This pricing model makes the advertiser pay for only a specific action taken by the consumers, such as starting a subscription from the advertised web page. 

You can choose whichever mobile ad network. The important thing is to choose the one with the most suitable pricing model with the ability to give you great reach and transparency.

Tracking and Measuring

Tracking and measuring the success of your ads is crucial. A well-working reporting product can help you see your ads’ statistics and make you decide what you will do on your future campaigns. Your audience’s in-depth insights will statistically prove that you are reaching the ideal consumers you are trying to reach. If your ads don’t create enough engagement, the reports will help you see what you’re doing wrong, which will help you fix your mistakes quickly before starting your next ad campaign.

There are excellent products for efficient tracking and measuring. You can try them out to analyze how your mobile ads are doing!

mobile advertising platforms

3 Great Mobile Advertising Platforms

There are different advertising platforms you can use to publish your mobile ads. They will all have different pricing rates, customer service, analytics tools, and reachability. In this article, we will have a look at three of the most popular and effective advertising platforms available on the market to help you decide. 

Google Ads

Google Ads are visible for both desktop and mobile devices. It gives you an option to choose mobile devices as your only device targeting, making this option a mobile ad feasible one. 

The platform helps you publish ads on nearly every app possible, on Google search results and the browsed web pages. Google’s extensive reach will help you publish your ads to a large audience, which means more potential profit.

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads is a platform that helps you significantly improve your app’s visibility in the App Store. The highest bid gets to hold a place for their app advertisement at the page top with a blue highlight when a user searches a specific keyword in the App Store. Appearing first at a highly used application store is an excellent advantage for you and your product, making Apple Search Ads a unique branding tool. 

There are two options available to advertisers, Apple Search Ads Basic and Apple Search Ads Advanced. You can choose any of the two depending on your needs for specific tools that are available. The advanced option has more tools at a higher price, while the Basic plan is cheaper with fewer capabilities. The choice is yours to make! 

Facebook Ads

Instagram and Facebook use Audience Network as their ad platform. Facebook Ads gives you accessibility to publish app-native ads, banner ads, video ads, gamified ads, and much more. Another great feature of this ad network is that you can publish your ads on two of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Instagram. Both Instagram and Facebook are mobile dominant platforms that will help you reach out to more people through mobile devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Ads

What are the mobile ad formats that are available to use?

There are a ton of ad formats that are available for mobile advertisers. Some of them are banner ads, rich-media ads, gamified ads, app-native ads, and video ads. You can choose the one that suits you the most by reading the article.  

Why should I care about mobile advertising?

Smartphones are the most personal and available media platforms that people possess. This means that the mobile ads will have higher reachability than any other media and marketing device. Mobile ads are the future of advertisement and marketing. 

What is ad fraud?

There are many different types of ad fraud. The most popular one is click fraud. Click frauds are designed to make bots click on your ads without having an interest in the ad. This makes advertisers lose a lot of money, as they make payments according to clicks. Try choosing an ad network with ad fraud protection. 

How do I make the payment if I want to publish mobile ads?

There are several ways to purchase mobile ads. The first one is CPM, in which you pay for every thousand advertisements that the ad network serves. The second is CPC, in which you pay only for the clicked ads. Lastly, the third is CPA. This pricing model makes you pay for only a specific action you take, like starting a subscription. 

How do I choose an ad network?

There are many mobile ad network platforms that work differently. Your main concern should be the platform’s reachability. If you work with a big company, they will provide you a wide reach and great customer service. You can check out the article for some examples on mobile ad network platforms!

Conclusion on Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are the future of the marketing and advertising industry. Its range and feasibility are incredibly high, as nearly every person on the planet has a mobile phone with a data plan. With internet speed becoming faster, the ads become very easy to deliver. All the great things happening for mobile technologies will indeed affect the mobile advertising industry very positively. You should consider publishing mobile ads if you want successful marketing for your future products. 

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